how to compile assembly


I have generated assembly listing in MSVC 6.0.
I have then optimized and changed the code.
How do I then generated the new obj and invoke the linker to make the new program?
Can it be done with MSVC?

THank you.
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>>>How do I then generated the new obj and invoke the linker to make the new program?
You can compile it with MASM6.x assembler first and then link it with your other modules.
>>>Can it be done with MSVC?
No, but you can convert your code into inline asm with _asm {... } directive, I think it's maybe the simplest approach for you.


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Keep your optimizations to the most crucial loops and such, where it'll actually make a noticable difference - coding in assembly instead of C tends to make your code less readable, so don't do it everywhere.

Before you go for this approach, though, have you compiled in Release mode with optimizations on? Chances are the compiler knows what it's doing.

The most popular assemblers on the net are:
NASM (Netwide Assembler):
MASM (The Microsoft Macro Assembler):
TASM (Turbo Assembler): It isn't free. So contact Borland and pay them $$.

I strongly recommend you go for the first one if you're not particular about getting an ancient, expensive compiler (ie. TASM). Don't even think about MASM.

Hope this helps,

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