How can I let a machine from another domain onto my domain

I'm running a Windows Server 2003 domain.  Everything is running just great in domain JUSTGREAT.COM.

Then a consultant comes along who needs access to some of our servers (a LINUX samba server to be exact), but he brings his own laptop which has an account on LIFEISHARD.NET.  How can I get his LIFEISHARD user account recognized on my JUSTGREAT domain?

The reason I'm asking is that when the consultant (on a WINDOWS 2K machine) tries to access the file server he gets the "\\SERVERNAME not accessible.  There are currently no logon serveresavailable to service logon requests."  This is the same error someone would get if they weren't authenticated onto the domain correctly.

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you could lend him a pcmcia network card that you can configure to your domain.
First of all, the Laptop must be accepted by a domain admin - so it can take part of the new domain... but then you get another problem: you can't be part of two domains at one time!
So if your the domainadmin yourself, you can always swicth to the momentary domain... but if not, you'll always have to ask someone to do this - pretty terrible.

We discussed this on .. so perhaps better read this

regards Holger

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If all he needs access to is the samba server, couldn't you use the numeric address instead of the netbios name and configure a valid user on the samba side?  That's how I connect to a debian/samba box here as well as one I built for a client, but neither environment is active directory.  It seems to me the samba box should be able to "not care" about the AD domain provided they have a valid samba login.  If they need to actually join the domain (to hit windows shares other than those on the linux box) then see this:

Another of my clients has one employee who is a member of a domain in another office he VPN's to.  His laptop has never been configured as able to join the 2k domain everyone else in the office connects to, but he is still able to access shares and printers on the network by ip address and supplying a valid domain login.  \\\share will open a dialog box asking for username and password.  He enters DOMAIN.example\username in the username box and that users password in the password box.  He hits network printers the same way.  You may need to create a "consultant" user in the 2k domain for this purpose and activate/disable the account as needed since the password will probably be easy to tell the consultant (wouldn't hurt to change it each time, too, if you have appropriate privs).  I didn't read the link to the similar thread so I apologize if these suggestions or similar were already made ithere.
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