Inbound Fax to PDF software (how-tos?)

I am looking for a good How-To on Hylafax for making all incoming faxes be turned into PDF attachments and then sent to an email-queue via sendmail or postfix...
A friend of mine told me to basically write a bash script that used a program called imagemagik (sp?) that converted a fax file to a PDF when called. But I was really hoping there was a better way to do this. My comapny will be using it for about 100 inbound faxes per day... NOTHING WILL BE SENT OUTBOUND via this service in the way of faxes, I just wanted to make that clear. I wanted to know if you had any suggestions on what types of fax-cards I should purchase, how many, what software to get, and most pertinent, how to automate this process with as little interaction by administrators as possible. The linux server is a Dell PowerEdge (1800?), has quite a few open PCI slots, no onboard fax, and about 18gigs of space, any suggestions are welcome, just looking for some generalized support and suggestions.
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Its pretty easy. I dont have access to a linux box at home but all you have to do is alter /var/spool/hylafax/bin/faxrcv and use the ps tools from ghostscript. tiff2ps will convert your fax image to postscript and ps2pdf will convert this ps output to pdf. As I said, I dont have access at the minute but you would change the receive script to do something like tiff2ps $1 |ps2pdf -o myfax.pdf
preitmeyerAuthor Commented:
Im not a linux guru over here, but I am sure I can get one of my friends to help me out with that, but how would I call that command whenever a fax is recieved? Or is that what you are telling me what will happen when I edit the faxrcv file?
If so, I appreciate the help. Have you done this before? Or anyone else? I have the server sitting at my house at the moment so I can work on it after-hours. Perhaps I will try that out later on tonight and see what I can get to work. I will keep you posted
The /var/spool/hylafax/bin/faxrcvd script automatically processes the fax whenever it comes in. In this file the  line after the line which starts with "FILENAME=`echo $FILE | $SED" is the one that processes the incoming fax. I havent done a conversion to pdf - I modified the script to email the faxes to my boss -
/usr/bin/mutt  -a $FILE  -s "New Fax" <  dummy-message-body
The $FILE bit is the important one - its the incoming fax as a tiff file.

I would comment out the relevant line before starting your own - or backup the faxrcvd file.

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preitmeyerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Owensleftfoot,
I was really struggling with this one, I appreciate all your help.
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