connecting to a printer via a print server

Ok, we use extend_net print boxes here. They just connect to our older printers and gives it an IP.  Since it has an IP (, I should just be able to do add the printerto any computer in the network right? (win2k clients)

Well I went to a client PC.
Specified a network printer
and entered

It says "windows cannot connect to the printer" etc etc etc

I've never added a printer thats connected to a print server before, am I doing this correctly?
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Hello dissolved,

You need to add printer by using http://ipaddresshere/printername where the IPaddress is of your print server.

You can also try adding it by going \\yourservername\printersharenamehere

Have a look at this article, although its about WinXP, the process is quite the same as Win2k.;en-us;307847&sd=tech

Also, are you using Novell / Netware on your network ?

dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Gotcha. Problem is, i'm using an extendnet print server.  I cant get it to work. It says printer not found when I try to add it by IP.
Maybe I have to try ?????
David LeeCommented:
I've never even heard of an extendnet print server before, so I'm not in a position to say how it works.  We use HP JetPrints, so that's what I'm familiar with.  When setting them up you create a TCP/IP port that points to the print server device, a JetDirect in my case.  Don't know if that helps.
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David LeeCommented:
Printing to an http address sounds like Internet Printing.  If that's what you want, then have a look at these links:;en-us;313058;en-us;248344
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
No, not internet printing. I think we do what you do bluedevil.   So how do you add printers to  your user's PCs?  Do you browse the network for them or what bluedevil?  Thanks!
David LeeCommented:
Try this.  I've only included the significant steps, not every Next click.

1.  Add printer.
2.  Local printer attached to this computer.
3.  Create a new port.
4.  Change Type of port to Standard TCP/IP Port.
5.  When you get to Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard:
    a.  Printer Name or IP Address: Enter
    b.  Port Name: This will fill in automatically as you enter the IP address
6.  Device Port.  Select the correct port from the list, assuming there is one.

That's the steps I go through for a JetPrint.

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dissolvedAuthor Commented:
that was it. thanks
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