Why does my Mail Server not send my email out!!!!

Hello expert,

I hav been using Sambar for a while and I have used the mail server many times...
Always got it to work however, recently, I have been trying to send emails and it does not seem to want to send them...
I have MTA on and on my router log it shows me the following...

[2004-11-04 20:34:16] OK [s20041104203416.6] [QUEUE] Enqueue message type: remote
[2004-11-04 20:34:23] OK [s20041104203416.6] [DELIVER] Attempting delivery
[2004-11-04 20:34:23] OK [s20041104203416.6] [MX-LOOKUP] Domain email.com -> MX email-com.mr.outblaze.com email-com-bk.mr.outblaze.com  
[2004-11-04 20:34:23] OK [s20041104203416.6] [CONNECTING] email-com.mr.outblaze.com
[2004-11-04 20:34:25] FAILED [s20041104203416.6] [CONNECT] SMTP Server 'email-com.mr.outblaze.com' abruptly closed the connection [RESPONSE]
[2004-11-04 20:34:25] OK [s20041104203416.6] [CONNECTING] email-com-bk.mr.outblaze.com
[2004-11-04 20:34:26] FAILED [s20041104203416.6] [CONNECT] SMTP Server 'email-com-bk.mr.outblaze.com' abruptly closed the connection [RESPONSE]

now why does it abruptly close the connection????????
When I send an email to hotmail, it delivers it however does not get recieved on the other side!!!

[2004-11-04 19:58:11] OK [s20041104195810.3] [DELIVER] Attempting delivery
[2004-11-04 19:58:11] OK [s20041104195810.3] [MX-LOOKUP] Domain hotmail.com -> MX mx4.hotmail.com mx1.hotmail.com mx2.hotmail.com mx3.hotmail.com
[2004-11-04 19:58:11] OK [s20041104195810.3] [CONNECTING] mx4.hotmail.com
[2004-11-04 19:58:11] OK [s20041104195810.3] [CONNECT] 220 mc12-f30.hotmail.com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 5.0.2195.6824 ready at  Thu, 4 Nov 2004 11:58:15 -0800
[2004-11-04 19:58:11] OK [s20041104195810.3] [EHLO CreationServer.nodelay.com] 250 OK
[2004-11-04 19:58:12] OK [s20041104195810.3] [MAIL From: <admin@*****>] 250 admin@*****....Sender OK
[2004-11-04 19:58:12] OK [s20041104195810.3] [RCPT To: <nicolasball@hotmail.com>] 250 nicolasball@hotmail.com
[2004-11-04 19:58:12] OK [s20041104195810.3] [DATA (383 bytes)] 250 Mail queued for delivery.
[2004-11-04 19:58:12] OK [s20041104195810.3] [QUIT] Closed
[2004-11-04 19:58:12] OK [s20041104195810.3] [DEQUEUE] Delivery completed

SO WHY!!!!!
I am so frustrated... I have checked my mx lookup servers.......
these are:
and work fine!??

Would appriciate help...

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Have you checked to make sure your sending IP is not blacklisted?


Some server will not handle mail without a reverse lookup in place.

Basically other mail servers will want to check who the sending server is, if they are not happy they will kill it off as spam.

The mail you send will contain 2 bits of info, and IP address and a server name.

The mail server handling you mail will do a look up using the name to see if it get the ip. No match and it will dump your mail.

If you mail gets out to some account and not others then it is likely to be this.

You incoming mail is a different process, and can even be handled by a different server, so are not connected.
In your case the mail server are that of your isp Earthlink.net
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
in other words....
what do i do to stop me being on the spammers list.....
I DONT SPAM so why cant i use it... and how do I set up a reverse look-up.....

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Reverse lookup is a DNS issue, so talk to whomever handles your IP and domain.
So that the name resolves to the IP and vice versa.

As for spammers list, make sure your mail server is configed properly and that your are not sending email that could be called spam.

Start here http://www.cauce.org/ for more info on spam.  You can also goto
http://www.email-policy.com/Spam-black-lists.htm for a good list of antispam lists.

> As for spammers list, make sure your mail server is configed properly and that your are not sending email that could be called spam.

AND make sure no-one else is using it to send spam without your permission (open relay)

If it was working and has stopped, then it might not be a reverse lookup

To check you have a reverse dsn you have to know your server name and ip address. (where your mailing software is sending from)

Ping the name. My server sends emails and states it is called server1.sg7.biz and it's ip is

H:\>ping server1.sg7.biz

Pinging server1.sg7.biz [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=31ms TTL=58
Reply from bytes=32 time=15ms TTL=58
Reply from bytes=32 time=31ms TTL=58
Reply from bytes=32 time=31ms TTL=58

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 15ms, Maximum =  31ms, Average =  27ms


If you can send yourself an email using your server, do that and then look at the email source, the header info will contain a line like...

Received: from cron.experts-exchange.com (cron.experts-exchange.com [])

That line will have your server name and ip number in it
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
ok well i pinged my domain name which reaches my server.... but not my mail server (same one) but the mailserver name does not reach to my server...
doesnt matter tho... it never used to be a problem....
it gives me
a simila answer to above, however im pinging from my server so.... no time delays etc...
What is your server name, the name it puts in the head of emails you send?

If you can not ping that name then you do not have a reverse lookup.

My bet is some emails will make it, others will not, because not all servers that recieve email do a reverse lookup.

for example

my domain -> www.sg7.biz []
my server -> server1.sg7.biz []
my mail -> mail.sg7.biz [] (my server also handles incoming mail)

when I send mail the mail header contains server1.sg7.biz [] and I can ping that.

It sound like you server name is not set up.
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
is now....
works with Mail.Com however... hotmail noe recieves the email but does not send it on.....
so... i can receive emails and send emails to mail.com accounts (and others) but not hotmail...
any ideas...??
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
I think ive been entered in the hotmails SPAM filter..... (my server)
how come???????  I have not bee nspamming, only sending test emails out...??? Please help need th8is working URGENTLY!!!

nicolasballAuthor Commented:
[2004-11-05 12:26:06] OK [s20041105122539.30] [MX-LOOKUP] Domain hotmail.com -> MX mx2.hotmail.com mx3.hotmail.com mx4.hotmail.com mx1.hotmail.com
[2004-11-05 12:26:07] OK [s20041105122539.30] [CONNECTING] mx2.hotmail.com
[2004-11-05 12:26:28] FAILED [s20041105122539.30] [CONNECT] SMTP Server 'mx2.hotmail.com' abruptly closed the connection [RESPONSE]
[2004-11-05 12:26:28] OK [s20041105122539.30] [CONNECTING] mx3.hotmail.com
[2004-11-05 12:26:30] OK [s20041105122539.30] [CONNECT] 220 mc11-f3.hotmail.com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 5.0.2195.6824 ready at  Fri, 5 Nov 2004 04:26:33 -0800
[2004-11-05 12:26:31] OK [s20041105122539.30] [EHLO someserver.domain.com] 250 OK
[2004-11-05 12:26:32] OK [s20041105122539.30] [MAIL From: <admin@domain.com>] 250 admin@domain.com....Sender OK
[2004-11-05 12:26:33] OK [s20041105122539.30] [RCPT To: <someone@hotmail.com>] 250 someone@hotmail.com
[2004-11-05 12:26:33] OK [s20041105122539.30] [DATA (389 bytes)] 250 Mail queued for delivery.
[2004-11-05 12:26:33] OK [s20041105122539.30] [QUIT] Closed
[2004-11-05 12:26:33] OK [s20041105122539.30] [DEQUEUE] Delivery completed

now why does does mx2.hotmail.com close the connection... then sends me to the next.. (guessing the SPAM one) it sends fine.. but never reaches the other end.?????????
check your mail logs to see if anyone else has managed to send email via your server.

Open relay like frugle said would mean you would get put in the spam list due to others using your server.

Do you have other mail software on your server that could be sending mail, if so check the logs for them as well.

Also what support do you hosting company provide on your server, you asked them for any help?
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
im hosting..
could it be due to me having a dynamic ip address.... even though I have a static mx server.. (using a good service which is a dns hosting company which redirects traffic to my most updated ip, which is constatntly updated).....

MAYBE, hotmail requires to have a static ip otherwise it considers you as spam?
sound plausable...??
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
used my smtp of y isp.. and works.. tho wanted to use MTA... probablty need a static ip address for this...
Not likely to get outgoing mail server using a dynamic ip working.

You will never have a reverse lookup, plus the ip address you are getting assigned dynamicly might be listed somewhere as a a dynamic ip number.
EG. a member of a ip range that is not expected to have a mail server. (If they allowed it a virus on your system could start sending mail and it would be allowed to and you would never know.)

If you are doing this from you desktop system, with connect on demand then you should route your mail via you isp mail server, they will handle your mail and there mail server will be setup to not get blocked.

Or if you have to send the mail directly then you will have to get a fixed ip.

Standard broadband do not always offer this, but some do.

www.zen.co.uk offer fixed ip for your broadband, then you can setup your mail server to work.

If you can't get fixed ip then you will have to send you mail via a server with fixed ip:
- your isp or
- a webserver you control with fixed ip.

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Yes, a dynamic IP is often blocked on the policy that a dynamic IP should not have a outgoing mail server.  Talk with your hosting company, you should be able to use their outgoing mail server so it works with your domain and gives you a static IP for your mail as for as hotmail, etc are concerned.

Think all the experts here helps, split the point.
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