Crystal Reports - Legend showing full database field description: "Max of CostSummaryChart.Hardware" - How do I concatinate?

When I generate a crystal report with a graph inside it I am showing the max values in the chart, the legend show the full description of the database field - I don't want this.

I want

"Max of CostSummaryChart.Hardware"

to look like


I've looked for an hour to find a setting for luck, any help?

Thanks, NateDizzle
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please post the code you use to create the report.


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NateDizzleAuthor Commented:
its nothing  that is in the code, I'm using Crystal Reports 9.5 to format a report.  It must be a setting within the IDE, i couldn't find a "Crystal Reports" section of this website for the question.  If there is a better category please tell me.
NateDizzleAuthor Commented:
Solved it, you change this setting in the previews pane.  Right click on the previewed chart caption and select "Edit Axis Label"...or something like that, then set the text to how you want it to look from then on.

I'm glad you solved it, but I dislike being given a 'C'. Check the grading polcies:

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NateDizzleAuthor Commented:
Whatever you say man.  I have not once looked at an experts credibility through grading, if they suggest something and it sounds good, I try it.  If it works I give them the points, which is essentially why you're in the game anyways.  I couldn't find a "close question" type button so I just awarded you the points, and obviously the comment given was worth a C, so I gave a C.

You're welcome for the points.
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