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Quick outline  - we have a 2003 domain running in native mode. We are based in UK but have a server in Germany that is in our domain.  We have VPN users that login via our German Domain and need to be able to have visibility of our shares on the server (within the UK domain) that resides in Germany.

OK a bit more we are linked via two way trusts as we have a disjointed name space no plans to change this.  We use Checkpoint Secure Remote to access VPN over a Checkpoint NG firewall.  Any suggestions?  It is pretty urgent so hence the points.
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Create a GPO for the users that need to access the shares giving them the proper rights.
They do have a VPN established already right? Then just have them remote desktop to the server. Or if you wanted to be a bit more safe about it, designate a server as a Terminal Services Server and map to the share from it. At least then they are not working directly off your server.
if u be already connected with the vpn server, u can map driver usind the command line just like this:
net use k: \\server ip address\share name

the user must have the properly rights to make this map
ps: do not use netbios names with the command, use ip address

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I am assuming that the VPN is already established. What you need to do is open up the following ports on your Firewall for connections comming from you German Office:

137, 138, 139

TCP Only

Then you should give the users proper rights (Permissions & Security) to the shares that they need to access.
Over a secure encrypted VPN link, would you really want to set-up firewall rules between sites?  I take it each site can trust each other, so no one in Germany will try hack the UK site, and vice-versa?
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