Record Keystrokes and Reexecute them in 2 programs - Like a Macro

Hello I need help making a program (or 2 programs) in VB6 that will record keystrokes in 2 programs and then execute them at a predefined time later.

So two make parts
recording the keystrokes (fyi this will include a switch between programs - maybe using alt tab but I would like a slicker way in case the user has a different number of programs open at run time)

This does not have to be a recorder that runs in the background. We can write down the needed keystrokes and executre them again when this program is started

So this is probably the simplier half. It would be nice to recorded the switch from program 1 to program 2 but if that is too much then thats fine - we can just figure out the point where it happened and deal with that in part 2 when we are executing the keystrokes

getting the window handle for the correct window and reexecuting the appropirate keystrokes in them

** This has nothing to do with spyware **
It will be used to speed up prodcution - it will not require the user to keep doing the same list of commands in 2 programs every time they want to complete a process.

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You can use WH_JOURNALRECORD and WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK which allows you to get the window-handle from where the message was sent to.
(the above uses the below DLL)
Have a thought...
I guess a better idea would be call the integface of the second program from the first to save information or do processing.

If you persist with the  recording key strokes, ou can find the window handles using properties like caption etc..


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