Border size around proportional images

Hi there!

I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out with this problem I have.

I'm using the TImage component within Delphi to display images, and have set it to display images proportionally. How is it possible to calculate or get the image compoent to return the size of the left/right/top/bottom borders around the picture?

Many thanks in advance
Matt Briggs

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Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:
The following is from the calculations used by the Paint procedure in TImage. This will let you get both the Rect for the control as well as the image.

Hope this helps,

// Assuming a control called Image1
var  rcImage:    TRect;
     rcCtl:      TRect;

  // Get the control rectangle
  rcCtl:=Rect(0, 0, Image1.Width, Image1.Height);

  // Get the actual image rect
  with Image1 do
     if Stretch then
     else if Center then
        rcImage:=Bounds((Width - Picture.Width) div 2, (Height - Picture.Height) div 2, Picture.Width, Picture.Height)
        rcImage:=Rect(0, 0, Picture.Width, Picture.Height);

 // Do whatever with the rects


hyperrealAuthor Commented:

The picture displayed within Image1 is Streched, Centred and Proportional. As a result the above code does not seem to give me the left, right and top,bottom border size around the image.

        leftBorder: integer;
        rightBorder: integer;
        topBorder: integer;
        bottomBorder: integer;

       Image1.AutoSize := True;
       Image1.Centre := True;
       Image1.Proportional := True;
       Image1.Picture := 'c:\test.bmp';

       . . .
       leftBorder := rcImage.Left;
       bottomBorder := rcImage.Bottom;
       . . .

... Any thoughts?

Many thanks in advance.
Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:

What version of delphi are you working with? Looking at D5, there is no "Proportional" setting, just the strecth and center; in which case the stretch overrides the center value (and the image is stretched to the dimensions of the control, leaving no border).

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hyperrealAuthor Commented:

I'm using Delphi 6, and need to know the border sizes around the image when the image is proportional.

i think you want to have the information what the stretch property of the timage has done.

for this you should load the image with autosize := true and  proportional and stretch  := false;
now you know how big the original is.
if you save these values and compare them to the proportional := true image you should
know how big your border is.

Apologies, DanRollins.

Unfortunetly, no one managed to supply the answer I was looking for, and I managed to figure it out by calculating the image scaling myself. I'll post the code I used on here shortly.

Many thanks to all that attempted to help.

View the image scaling in action:
hyperrealAuthor Commented:

As promised, here is the code I used:


Ratio := imgsolution.picture.Width / imgsolution.picture.Height;
AWidth := Round(image1.Height * Ratio);
AHeight := Round(image1.Width / Ratio);
lborder := (round((image1.Width - AWidth) / 2));
tborder := (round((image1.Height - AHeight) / 2));
if (lborder < 0) then
if (tborder < 0) then


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