caesar() in linux ?

I am trying to rebuild some of my old perl programs into linux.
I have read about caesar and rot13, but I have no man pages on them.

Is there a library or something I must do?


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Here's a good man page for doing source filters in perl on linux, with example code for the caesar cypher rot13:

rockmansatticAuthor Commented:
Sorry, after reading my question, I didnot explain properly.

I am actually looking for a function caesar() or ROT() or linux/unix/fedora...
I have several perl scritps that I want to redo, not just run in unix enviroment.

I need a simple example of a working ROT or Caesar txt file , something like this

echo "filename"; filename = read()

% tr "[a-z][A-Z]" "[n-z][a-m][N-Z][A-M]" < filename

blah blah blah

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Is this what are your looking for?
package CaesarVMethod;
  use base qw(Template::Plugin::VMethods);
  @SCALAR_OPS = ( "caesar",
                  "rot13"   => sub { caesar($_[0],"13") } );
  sub caesar
    $string = shift;
    $string =~ tr/A-Za-z/B-ZAb-za/ for 1..$_[0];
    return $string;

rockmansatticAuthor Commented:
that looks like what I need, but how do you use it?

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That snippet is calling the VMethods plugin module for Template Toolkit, a template processing system intended mainly for web content:

That's why "use base" is calling it from the Template package on the second line.

Here's the CPAN page for VMethods on CPAN for more info:

So if you're not using Template Toolkit, that will probably be of limited use for you.

These scripts will both decrypt:

Do you need to encrypt too?
Here's a good simple Perl script to encrypt and decrypt Caesar:
alphabet_upper=`echo $alphabet_lower | tr "[a-z]" "[A-Z]"`
function rotx() {
  local offset=`expr $1 % 26 + 1`
  test $offset -lt 1 && offset=`expr 26 + $offset`
  rot_lower1=`echo $alphabet_lower | cut -c$offset-26`
  rot_lower2=`echo $alphabet_lower | cut -c-\`expr $offset - 1\``
  rot_upper1=`echo $alphabet_upper | cut -c$offset-26`
  rot_upper2=`echo $alphabet_upper | cut -c-\`expr $offset - 1\``
  echo "${rot_lower1}${rot_lower2}${rot_upper1}${rot_upper2}"
function caesar() {
  local offset=$1; shift
  echo $* | tr ${alphabet_lower}${alphabet_upper} `rotx $offset`

You can encrypt a message with this using the following syntax:
caesar <s> your message here ...

example: caesar 35 only you can read this...
xwuh hxd ljw anjm cqrb...

Or you can decrypt it with a -s.
example:  caesar -35 xwuh hxd ljw anjm cqrb...
only you can read this...

More info here:

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