Editable list box in an MSI installer

I am deploying a product that requires a list of IPs of other PCs that are allowed to connect to it.  These IPs are required at install-time.  Currently, I have a text field that takes a comma-delineated list of IPs.  I would much more prefer a list box with an add and delete button.

Is it possible and how would I implement an editable list box in an MSI dialog?
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I have a similar requirement for one of my programs, the way i accomplished this was to run a quick application i put together after the commit phase of the installation, which runs it after all the files have been copied. This application had a few list boxes and buttons which allowed me to add in ip's or computer names then save these to a delimited text file. Once all the details have been put in and the editing program closed the installer continues with any other commit tasks and then finishes. Give that a try, as placing a listbox in the msi itself would be extremely difficult (at least to my knowledge). Let me know how it goes.


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