A Restaurant Website?

I would like to know what should the following cost (an approximation will do):

I would like to get a web site for a restaurant.

The restaurant does delivery as well. And it is the Delivery that we want to put on the web.

The Customer/user will enter the order and the order should be emailed to the restaurant where they will handle it as a call in, and call back customer for billing,  or if they need anything else

We want our various menus on the site – Lunch, Dinner, Catering, etc. And we might want to limit access to Menus based on time of day.

We would like for their customers to be able to go to web site select/see the menus  select  items, enter their information, including credit card info, etc. and this then  should be automatically sent to restaurants email and/or fax. We will then process it.

Also customers should be able to setup an account which will then allow them  to save their preferences, what they like, etc. and they should be able to pick up previous orders, and when they come back into the  site the computer will remember it, as well as their billing info, etc.

In either case (whether they signed up or are only a one time customer) we  want to keep track of all the order and be able to get reports of what was  ordered, by whom, etc.

When the user selects an item from the menu they will also have options like how much to cook it (rar, medium, etc) and also a comment line. And all these choices will be saved so that when this customer returns to order they will be able to have this pre-filled.

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We can't really post an approximation for this. Although you've given some specifics, there are still 100 variables. For instance, will the site be built by a 17 year-old who's learning Dreamweaver, or by an agency that specializes in this type of site?

My recommendation would be to submit a proposal to a number of companies that are within your budget, and then go from there. There's not much else we can do - it's not much different from me asking you how much a house costs with 5 rooms and a garage...

I agree with seanpowell, i would get a few different quotes and have a look at the work that they have done in the past. For something like this and only taking into account the sort of things that you have mentioned in the above, I would probably charge somewhere between 2000-3000 Australian dollars up to 5000 depending on the timeframe that you needed it in. Any more than that and i would be wanting a dam good website.

Also the cost could depend on weather or not they are going to do the design as well?? Allot of codes out there can do the backend working and stuff fine, but coming up with something that is really well designed and original (from a look point of view) sometimes takes something a little bit more. So if it is total from scratch then you could be paying a little bit more.  

Also in the brief that you give the person that is going to be doing the job make sure that you outline exactly what you are wanting and make sure that they have a full understanding of what it is you want. In doing this I think you will save yourself and the developer a lot of trouble.

Hope that helps
You'd be looking at least 1,500 US - get someone to do the design AND the code which not many but some can do.

If you go to an agency/company expect to pay more like 6,000+ or more. It is the whole membership / ordering system that will cost you.


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