HP Scanjet 5550c problems with Twain Driver and third party software.

Hi there,

I have a Scanjet 5550c which came with the HP Director software.

My problem is that if I use ANY other software to scan, I dont have a way to turn OFF the preview. The twain driver comes up and automatically preview whatever is on the scanner. The main problem is that it previews with Millions of colors which takes a long time.

I have a software for document filling that will use the scanner, and it has no options for the scanning. All the options must be chosen on the twain driver.

If I use the HP Director software, I do have the option to turn off the preview and set the default setting to Gray Scale.

I already downloaded the alternate driver that HP offers, but that one has a different problem. This alternate driver automatically scans the document but in LINE ART which does not have shades of gray, resulting in a very bad picture.

As a solution I need to either change the alternate driver to scan in Gray scale or use the default twain driver with the auto preview off.

I searched on the registry but I could not find anything that suggested the settings for the twain driver.

I really appreciate any help, otherwise I will have to return this scanner and try a different brand.
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Since you want to use a different software : can you uninstall the HP Director software, and does it work ok then?
ROUTEPROAuthor Commented:
The scanner needs a twain driver... either the HP Director or the HP alternate driver.

If I uninstall both the scanner will not work with any program.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I don't have any experience with HP scanners, but EPSON scanner drivers come up in the mode: A preview is done automatically, but there is a setting to change this default behavior.

You may find more information when you ask this question in the HP subgroup (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Scanners/HP_Scanners/). You can post a "pointer question" in this group that points to this question. Once you have your answer, just delete the pointer question again.
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ROUTEPRO my friend can u still return this scanner and try a different brand as u mentioned before?

If u can dot it , i have read some bad comments about this scanner check this out in the middle of the page



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Well i mean install ONLY the drivers, not the software if you can.
ROUTEPROAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Nothing worked.... so I went to CompUSA and purchased a Xerox scanner. It has the same features of the HP plus it is a little faster.

It worked perfectly... it doesn't  have that fancy twain driver as the HP... which is exactly what I was looking for....

I'm able to control all the functions of the scanner from the twain driver...

HP scanners are definetely for home users that dont plan to use a third party software with it...

I will never buy an HP scanner again...

Glad u got rid of it! ;-)

But u must close this Question. It's u call !

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