Unable to connect to network on a peer-to-peer network.

I just recently set up a brand new Dell desktop computer (Computer A) with installed NIC card.  I have configured it to access the MSHOME workgroup, just like the other 2 computers.  Computer A is visible but unaccessible from the other computers.  Computer A says it cannot connect to the network, permissions may not be set correctly, etc. (the generic MS error message).  This is a peer-to-peer network and the NIC lights flashes when trying to connect.  There are no errors, conflicts, etc. related to the network card or drivers.  What might be the problem and how can I remedy this?

P.S.   The computer is running Norton Internet Security 2004.  Are there settings in there I need to look for and if so, where at?


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I would suggest trying to uninstall Norton Security 2004 (just for testing purposes), so you can pin down the problem. My good hope is that, indeed this is the problem... Normally, you shoudl create a trusted zone on Norton to make sure the machines are able to talk to eachother.. Are the machines able to ping eachother??

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Start with the basics. Sounds to me like your Default Gateway is wrong on Computer A.
1. Norton could indeed be interfering
2. what OS's are involved here?
3. Using dhcp? or static ip's?
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