Wordperfect 2000 spell check error

I have a customer running Windows NT Server SP6 (I think) with Citrix running on top of Terminal services.  I inherited this customer and this is how it was setup.  Each user logs into the server via Citrix.  About a month ago, the spell check feature in Wordperfect 2000 started acting funny.

When they spell check a document, they get an error message that reads "No string for this error" and they get this several times.  After clicking on OK several times, the spell checker will come up, but if they try to keep checking the document, eventually it locks up the system.  Everyone else has to get out of the server and they have to reboot the server in order for WP to start up at all on the station(s) that were trying to spell check.

We re-installed WP2K on top of itself, but as what happens most of the time with WP, it didn't fix anything.

I suggested that they just learn how to spell better, but that did not go over too well !!  LOL

I have forgotten almost all I ever knew about NT and I don't think that NT is the culprit here.  They have to use WP as it is what their main APP uses as the word processor and that is not changeable.

Thanks in advance.

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You mention "about a month ago".  Have any changes been made to the system that could possibly have a bearing on this?  Loading on a Service Pack, or changing firewall settings??  

Things to try, Thinks to check:-

What happens if you put one correctly-spelt word into a blank document and spell-check that.  Does that work?
Ditto one word with typo?
Does the Thesaurus, Grammar Check work?
Does Spell As You Go work? (tools, proofread, spell as you go)
Try reinstalling WP, but make sure the Corel directory and all sub-directories are deleted before reinstalling (of course any documents that are needed should be moved elsewhere before doing this).  In particular, in the sub directory Corel User Files are things like supplementary dictionaries - words that have been added to the main dictionary.  It might be that one of these files has gone corrupt, by reinstalling, having deleted these files might cure the problem.

Please let us know how you get on with these things.

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gandamidAuthor Commented:
That's how I tested it, I typed in " thsi is a tset "  .

The Spell as you go did not catch anything wrong, so it must not be installed or turned on.

They have made no system updates at all.  The original company that installed this for them has gone out of business and I do not know enough about Citrix to want to mess with the server too much.

Will try your last option, deleting the Corel directory and re-installing.  It will be Monday at the earliest before I can get over there.  Let's leave this open for a few days.  I promise to get back to it no later than Tuesday of next week.

Thanks.   FG
Also check the registry and make sure this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\COREL\WritingTools is set to full read/write permission for all users.
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gandamidAuthor Commented:
Thanks ..  will do ...  
gandamidAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay ..  Never made it to the customer's site this past week ...  too many other fires to stomp.  Will get by there this coming week and try the suggestions.  Thanks Experts.
gandamidAuthor Commented:
Beliive it or not, I've been so busy with other customers' problems I haven't been back to try and fix this one.

If you'll leave it open for a few more days I'll get by this coming week and try one of the above suggestions so I can award the points accordingly.  If I don't make it by Wednesday, I'll split the points among all that were suggested.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

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