Catch window close and confirm

Hi all,

I have a webpage to be used for delivering a test to users.  The grade a user gets counts towards their overall grade.  If they close or navigate away from the test page, the test will time out on the server and will be forfeited, resulting in a poor overall grade.

What i need to do is detect when the page is unloaded and offer the option of staying on the page.  I can do it fine in IE, but I cant get it to go in Firefox. (I dont have Netscape so cant test it in there.)

Heres what I have:

function unloadscript()
    window.event.returnValue = "This will cancel the test. Are you sure you want to do this?";

<body onbeforeUnload='javascript: unloadscript();'>;

The Firefox Javascript Console says that window.event has no properties.

Any ideas?


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Mozilla as of 1.7 and above should be supporting onbeforeunload
Check ( Under the hood ).
What version are you using ?

For netscape and others check the accepted answer at

Netscape supports onUnload IF and only IF you use a "fully qualified path to a page or have the complete script in the onUnload attribute - it FIRST unloads the page THEN trigger the onUnload:

<body onUnload="'','newwin')">

philly_teeAuthor Commented:
onbeforeunload works fine in firefox, i can fire alerts and all that.

Problem is the line:
window.event.returnValue = "This will cancel the test. Are you sure you want to do this?";

firefox says event doesnt have properties so I cant use returnvalue.
//can i suggest an alternative ?
<script language="JavaScript">
function myFunc() {
if( !confirm('This will cancel the test. Are you sure you want to do this?') ) {
   return -1;
window.onbeforeunload = myFunc



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the above works in firefox but not netscape
philly_teeAuthor Commented:

Your answer works, however if I click cancel to the javascript confirm it pops up the IE/firefox 'Do you wish to navigate away from this page. cofirmation box (which makes two confirmation boxes.) Is there a way to get only one?

I checked out the browser usage statistics on and Netscape has only 1.6% of the browser market.  I will risk offending a few people and not worry too much about netscape - as long as it works in IE and Firefox I'm happy.


Sorry in my limited capacity i dont think we can avoid the two messages.Then i might be wrong ,lets see if other experts differ ;-)
and provide another way
philly_teeAuthor Commented:
Ok well thanks anyway - I'll live with it.

Points are yours.


Thanks for the points and grade
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