parsing file

I have a file that looks like
 ISA*3495*00*  *00* 68393*78*~GS*5930*MANNOR*45*56~
I want to use two splits to seperate the segment and the element seperators so that my file looks like this
ISA 3495 00   00 68393
GS 5930 MANNOR 45 56

On two seperate lines like this.  Can anyone give me an example of how to write this code?

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You must be Reading the file line by line
So lets assume you have one line in a variable StrLine


StrLine=StrLine.Replace("*"," ")
'It seems in the result that you want there's a space for * but only two spaces between 00 and 00, that means the original space is lost better use

StrLine=StrLine.Replace(" ","") 'Remove all spaces
StrLine=StrLine.Replace("*"," ")'Convert * to spaces


Dim StrArr() as String

'Now StrArr contains all the Lines

The complete code will look like

Dim StrLine As String = "ISA*3495*00*  *00* 68393*78*~GS*5930*MANNOR*45*56~"
'Read from File in the above line
        Dim StrArr() As String
        Dim i As Integer
        StrLine = StrLine.Replace(" ", "") 'Remove all spaces
        StrLine = StrLine.Replace("*", " ") 'Convert * to spaces
        StrArr = StrLine.Split("~")
        For i = 0 To UBound(StrArr)
            MsgBox(StrArr(i)) 'You'd probably like to store it in a new file??


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lindapatAuthor Commented:
thank you very much
lindapatAuthor Commented:
Thank you  very much.
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