Outlook 2000 Client replies to email recieved from outside of company, adds internal cc:, sends - but external originator does not recieve email - yet internal cc: does.

Client is running Outlook 2000 w/ Exchange 5.5.  Client recieves an email from outside the company.  After reading the email, client clicks on Reply and adds an internal email address from GAL to the cc: field.  Types a body of text and clicks on Send.

No Exchange Sys Admin email is sent back to client indicating that there were any delivery issues.  Sent email is shown in the Sent items folder.  Problem is that the external recepient never recieves it YET the internal recpient does.

What is interesting is that when looking in the Sent Items folder, with the normal details view (which includes, To, Subject, Sent, Attachement, etc) their is no name\smtp address shown in the To column - it is completely blank although you see the subject, sent time, etc.  When you dbl-click on the email to view from the Sent Items, the header only shows:

From: (sender experiencing problem)
Sent:  (the date)
Cc:  (Internal recepient)
Subject: (could be anything)

The To: field is completely missing.

This problem unfortunalty is somewhat intermitent and usually the internal Sender (or Replier?) dosn't even notice that there was a problem until its brought to their attention.

Any help is of course greatly appreciated!!

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Does this situation happens only when an email is being replied or in other words can the sender who is having issues just send a fresh email to external email address ?

Does it happen only for certain users or only one user ?

Is your outlook fully updated ?

Looks more to me the issue is in the exchange server..

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cwmediaworksAuthor Commented:
First off my aplogies for not responding sooner - its been a little insane in my part of the world.

To answer your questions...

1. Yes it only happens on a Reply - a clean new email sent to the same contact works just fine.
2. This happens to just a few within a department.
3. Outlook is fully updated.

Maybe I can track the mail message from the Exchange server - see what that brings up.
cwmediaworksAuthor Commented:
Please close thread and award sunray 2003 - 500 points.

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