Unable to login into my Profile on Windows XP

I have an XP PC with 2 user profile, I am unable to log into one Profile (MAT), i get a blue screen with a long list of numbers and a message "the system is being shut down"
I can log into the other profile okay.
Normally i would just delete this profile, but there is too many important files in the "My documents" folder. I am also unable to access these files from the administer account, i get a message saying "access denied"

Basically i am looking for one of two things, either fix up the profile (Mat) or be able to access these file from another profile.

I'm not sure what has caused this, my colleague said he has not adjusted this.
I have tried to run "Last know good configuration" same issue

PC is a standalone.

Martin,  Desperate...
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hey martin, i don't know if my solutions are convinient for you, but here they are...

1 - get a screwdriver, open your case, take the hdd out, plug it into a another computer which boots from some **other** drive and try accessing. backup the files you like, then plug the drive back into your own box, delete the profile for the sake of neatness.

2 - if you have another OS installed on your harddrive, try booting it and mount the windows partition. try accessing the profile for backup.

hope this helps,

Log with the good profile.
Rename the old profile. MAT.bak
Log with MAT's account to recreate the profile.
Export what you need out of the bad profile.
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I've had this problem before it is either caused by a virus corrupting your profile or it has simply corrupted the shell on that profile. If you have not disabled system restore then the fix is easy simply boot to safe mode and do a system roll back, If this does not work then you have been nailed by a virus. If you have encrypted the stuff in the profile you are baisically stuffed. If you havnt simply boot to safe mode log in as administrator browse to C:\documents and Settings\MAT\ copy everything in there to anoter location and make shure that you can view hidden files and folders otherwise you wont get your mail files or you address book.
Andy is right,,,, take the ownership of these MAt profile files, and then copy them to a safe location, now delete this MAT account..... after that create another account and name it as Mat, or whatever u like, and then copy the old Mat data to this one and carry on with this new user with all ur previosu data intact :)

How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile
mat_foranAuthor Commented:

Thanks to all who responded, I have now retrieved all "My Documents" and mail items.

I did have to boot in safe mode under the admin. Account, I took ownership of the files, I could see the folder structure and properties but was unable to open any files, I did changed the permissions for a new account, copied all data across...Success…

Thanks again...

great ^_^
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Windows XP

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