Problem installing Microsoft Encarta 2005 Encyclopedia Deluxe

At the end of a 3-CD install for the above Encarta, I receive an error message: "an error occurred during installation of assembly component (followed by a long string of letters and #'s between curly braces).

At the time the error message occurs, the progress dialog is at 100% with the status reading: "Registering fonts Font:Ref_Icon.FON

After clicking on the error message Ok button the application does an installation rollback and I'm back where I started.

I tried this on 3 XP machines with the same result. All 3 had previously had the full Encarta reference library 2003 installed and removed.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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can you try an in stall in safe mode? --hit f8 key during boot --

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Have you contacted the company who bringsout the software?
Or just visited there webpage? (look at the box to obtain such information)
 Other ideas...

Use Regedit to go through the registry and remove all reference to Encarta  before trying the re-installation. Because of the version upgrade, there may be a pointer (not removed by hte uninstallation) difference in the registry causing the installation failure.
JosephMaschingAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all who contributed a possible solution. The problem was solved by using msconfig  to disable win.ini, system.ini, and everything under the Startup tab, then running the install again.
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