Problem with 5.1 Sound


I'm unable to make my 5.1 sound work.

I have a Fijutsu-Siemans Scaleo Ta and my receiver is a Sony STR 345. I've connected from the spif on the computer to the video-in 5.1 port on the receiver. I'm using a 5.1 movie to test, but I got no sound. When I plugged in the audio out, I'm able of getting audio over the audio in.

any ideas?


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You should not be mixing up audio out from the computer with video in on the receiver.  Find the S/PDIF digital in connector on the receiver and hook it up to that.  You should configure the computer to output sound on the S/PDIF output of the sound card in the sound application software (usually a mixer control program).
henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
There is no s/pdif digital in connector on the receiver, even though it's a surround receiver.

Then use the other surround receiver, by using 3 pairs of cables (3.5mm to Cinch or something like that).
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henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
When I had my DVD-player, I connected it with the stereo 3 pairs of cinch-cables, but with the computer I don't have 6 separate ports, only the sp-dif port.
You need a soundcard with multiple analog outputs, like the M-Audio Revolution 7.1, or you need a Dolby Digital Decoder like the Technics SHAC-500 that will take S/PDIF and output 5 channels and an LFE channel.  Your current setup will not work, you need compatible equipment.
henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
Is there anywhere where I could get an digital->analog adapter? Or would it be cheaper just to by a new soundcard?
I already mentioned one: the Technics SHAC-500, but it may cost more than an M-Audio Revolution soundcard and is not small.  A new soundcard is a better choice, unless you have more S/PDIF sources that you want to convert to analog.
You need some way to convert digital from the PC to analog your receiver will accept.  You have a few options available to get the job done.  Callandor has already suggested two of them.

You could buy a new updated receiver that sports a million inputs, including s/pdif.  My inner child really likes this idea but then I always like buying new toys. :-)

You can install a sound card with 5.1 analog outputs and as long as your motherboard's bios allows you to completely turn off the onboard audio most any 5.1 sound card will work.  Prices on 5.1 cards range from $10 and up.  You can get a SB Audigy around $35.

Another option is to use an external USB 5.1 sound interface.  No IRQ conflict headaches between the onboard audio with these, you control them through the OS.  There are several brands and models of these available in a wide range of prices starting around $25.  One example is the SB0490 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! External Audio Card, about $50 US at Best Buy.  

Yet another option is a network jukebox interface for your receiver.  Although it sounded like you were trying to do more than just play MP3s so the other options will probably be better options for you.

No matter which option you choose don't forget to buy cables! >;-)  
Quote "but with the computer I don't have 6 separate ports, only the sp-dif port."

You don't need 6 seperate ports (although I can see why you thought so), you only need 3 outputs, these are:

1. Front Left & Right
2. Rear Left & Right
3. Subwoofer & Centre Speaker

If you tell me the brand and model of your sound card/motherboard, I will see if it has surround sound and advise you on how to connect your speakers.

PS: Just to make sure, you have gone into Start/All Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Volume Control and then made sure the Spdif output is not muted.

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Can you tell us what exactly solved your problem?
Did you use the 3 outputs with cables?

And, if you ever decide to buy a surround soundcard - the M-Audio Revolution Callandor mentioned is a good one, I've got 8 running in PC's, rarely give problems. Has a good audio chipset.
Depending of where you want to use it, you can also get a Creative product, but they don't work that good in PRO sound setups.
henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
Gaud-wo: Explanation given on:


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