Is it possible for an ADSL router to send it's new dynamic ISP IP address to me when it reconnects to the internet??

Hi All !
I have several customers who I remotely access using Radmin, VNC, etc.... through their ADSL routers and using port forwarding to static LAN ip addresses on the PC's.
The problem is that some unfortunately have ISP's who don't give them static IP addresses, so when I reboot the router or if they get disconnected for any reason I don't know what the new IP address is that it's now connected with.
What I'd like in simple terms is for the router to somehow contact me via my static IP address and provide me with it's new connected IP address. If IT can't send me the information, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to find it perhaps by somehow searching for it's MAC address? I thought about port scanners, but sometimes there's quite a large range of possible IP addresses available from their ISP and my ISP would probably kick me off for doing this!!
A lot of the routers are VERY generic - such as Epic branded (and some other weird names....), but they all seem to have similar web interfaces suggesting that the hardware guts are almost the same. I also wondered if a different/better brand of router could do this. I thought about using sofware (such as DNS2GO, etc...) - but this means a particular PC must be left on, and usually they forget to leave it on....

There are other ways of doing it, for example --
1. If they have a server I can use Outlook message rules to reply to me when I send an email to the server. Great if there's a server, but a lot don't have one.
2. I can ask some ISP's for the new connection IP, but a lot (especially Freeserve) are very unhelpful and won't/can't do it.
3. Get them to reply to my email/call me with the new IP address - Fair enough, but I usually do this out of hours in my leasure so quite often there's nobody there until the next day.

Has anyone got any ideas here??? I don't know if there's a simple way of doing it on the router - most are the Epic 8000U sort (, or perhaps contacting the router somehow across the internet???????

Thanks for reading this and even MORE thanks if anyone can help!!
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Hi DPL31,
The best way is to use the free dynamic DNS service from One computer behind each router will run a client which will keep the DNS updated. Then all you need to do is use the DNS name and you will get whatever IP address it is using.

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You can also (more secure) run an app that FTPs the current IP to a secure webpage.  You log into the webpage and get the PC's current IP.  This way, people can't hit you just by knowing your DNS name.
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