networking win2000 and win98 !!

Hi again,
            I checked out the LAN status in my PC(win 2000) and the connection is there however it is sending packages but recieving none which means the problem is with the other PC(win 98), right? What can be the problem does anyone have any idea on this?

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi Sid123,
do you have any firewall software installed?

Sid123Author Commented:
Hi Pete,
   No I do not have any firewall software installed.
How are you connectinf the PC's.  Is it through a hub, ethernet cross over or some other method?
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Sid123Author Commented:
   I just have a single cable connecting the PCs.  

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
is it a crossover cable?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Networking Two Pc's with a crossover cable

Each PC will need a NIC (network Interface Card) and you will
need a Cat5 Crossover cable (this is different from a normal
network cable!

Here what a crossover looks like and how it differs from a
straight through cable

OR my website :0)

*****Setting up on XP*****

Basic XP Home Networking Guide - How To Network Two PC's

Description of File Sharing and Permissions in Windows XP;EN-US;304040

*****General Info***** (Good site with Networking info & Illustrations)

How to set up a home network without using a hub

Setting up a home network between two computers

*****Networking Hardware*****

Home Network Kit

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Sid123Author Commented:
hi Pete,
    I have the right cable and the right hardware for the network infact when I connect the two soon as they load the OS the lan connection shows up at 100Mbps...and if I take out the connector from one of the computers the connection goes this means that the connection is established,right?
   Now regarding the protocols I have kept NetBEIU and TCP/IP in both...for TCP/IP I have manually set the IP and the subnet is kept same for both.
   The LAN status as seen in the PC having win2000 shows packets being sent but not being recieved I was wondering if something is wrong with the other PC having win98(the OS is freshly installed...and soon after that I did the networking).
   If I go to the network neighbourhood...the same PC is only seen not the other one.

   I hope whatever I mentioned gives you some idea on what the problem can be. I have been tangled up with this for so many days ...a solution for  will really be a relief. Please help !

P.S - Previously I had networked these two PC using Linux and it had worked !!

Have you installed MS File and Printer sharing on the win98 machine?
Have you shared a folder? Without a shared folder the other machine will not show up in network neighbourhood
To Determine if there are tcp/ip packets being send from one machine to another.

Determin if you can ping from one machine to another.
On the Win98 machine type winipcfg.exe in the start->Run
note the IP address of the network card. e.g
On win2000 machine open a CMD prompt and type
on the win2000 machine type
ping "address of win98 machine"

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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