Changing server collation order with existing databases

* An existing SQL-server with a lot of databases
* Server collation order: SQL_Latin1...

I need to install a new databas that must use Finnish_Swedish collation. I also need the server collation to be the same since it uses a lot of temporary tables (that will use server default as collation). Due to the size and complexity of the databas it's not an option to rewrite all SP and SQL-code so that the collation problem is taken care of in every sql-statement involving temporary tables.

Is it possible to change the server collation and preserving the installed databases?
If so, how?

Hans Lissborg
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temp db is recreated each time SQL server is stopped and restarted.   It is based on the model database.    change the collation of model database and stop and start sql then temp db should take on your new collation.   but be careful that this doesnt break all the existing databases.

IMHO if the other databases are using tempdb for temptables also its worth simply installing another instance of SQL.
lissborgAuthor Commented:
I nice solution, but when I try to change the collation on database Model with the alter database Model COLLATE command I get the error:

Server: Msg 3708, Level 16, State 5, Line 1
Cannot alter the database 'Model' because it is a system database.

Any workaround?
Hmm.  sorry forgot about that little fact.

Ok.   there are 2 options i can think of.   1) rebuild your master database this will allow you to change the server collation. or 2) install a second instance.
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lissborgAuthor Commented:
OK, That what I guessed.

If I choose option 1 (rebuliding master) then I must first backup (and close) all my databases, run rebuildm.exe, and then restor all databases. Is that right?

If I choos option 2 (new instance) do I then need another licence om sql Server 2000?

option 1)  it would be quicker to detatch  the databases then simply reattach after install.   but for safety back them up anyway.

2) what type of licence to you have, per seat of per server?

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lissborgAuthor Commented:
ok, I didn't thought it was ok to detatch/reattach after changing collation in master but maybe you´re right.

It's a customers server so I´m not shure but I think I go for option 1.

Thank you!
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