fails to boot from any drive

I shut my computer down to install a tv card and it failed to boot up again. I have since removed the card but it hasn't helped. The computer will not boot  from the cd-rom or the floppy either. Any ideas?
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Chris BRetiredCommented:
Possibly it was about to die anyway. More likely you have dislodged / damaged something. Open up, remove the RAM and video card, blow and brush (childs paintbrush is good) ensure everything is clean. Use a wrist strap when handling RAM, or keep one hand in contact with the PC. Reseat firmly. Check that the IDE cables are firmly seated at both ends. Does anything happen when you press the power button? Power supply may have died.

Chris B

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Does the system post (i.e. beep and then fail)?

If it won't post you could always reset the bios - on the mobo there will be a jumper labelled "reset cmos" or the like. Set it to the clear position, power up the pc then shut it down. Remove the power cable and press the case ON button a couple of times. Now reset the jumper to it's original position, plug the machine back in and power on (you may have caused an IRQ problem maybe).

Another classic reason for a problem like this is if you have a discreet (i.e. not on board) graphics card badly seated - you may have knocked it or something so please just make sure that it is seated correctly.

Also, when installing the new card did you ensure you discharged any static etc? Did you notive an arc or feel any shocks? You may have popped the board simply by touching it although i hope that isn't the case.

Let us know how that goes

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