Record keyboard input

Hello gurus out there

I wonder if there is a way to monitor keyboard input in a windows 2000 environment. I explain:
Right now, as I am typing this message, will it be possible to simultaneously save this input to a file  ?


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rushtoshankarSr Manager Software DevelopmentCommented:
Yes you can .

Try using these functions.

SetWindowsHookEx -> windows API

KeyboardProc -> your function name.

CallNextHookEx -> call this function in your function.

after finishing your work, call UnhookWindowsHookEx function.

I hope you can develop a code based on these informations.
jsquadrosAuthor Commented:
YOu might be definitely right, but I am completely ignorant as far as this sort of programming is concerned.
Will you please explain in detail how (if) would I be able to (after finishing this message) browse a trace file and see exactly in that file what I have been typing here.


Actually, you have to create a program that will hook the keyboard input. It is not just a setting in control panel or whereever else, there must be a special software running.

Some links to kb capturing shareware can be found here:

There are also many commerical products, e.g.

For other links try Google: "keyboard capture" download

But always remember, that capturning keystrokes of other person is in general illegal.



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jsquadrosAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your comment, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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