Access Text Field in User Control


I have a page which includes a header user control


<%@ Page Language="vb"%>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="HEADER" TagName="HEAD" Src="../lib/_header.ascx" %>
<FORM id="Form1" action="" method="post" runat="server">
<HEADER:HEAD id="HEAD" runat="server"></HEADER:HEAD>

now my header control includes a placeholder
<%@ Control Language="vb" Codebehind="_header.ascx.vb" %>

<ASP:PLACEHOLDER id="HeaderTop" runat="server"></ASP:PLACEHOLDER>

a usercontrol gets programmatically added to this placeholder

Dim cnt As New UserControl()

STIll with me?? good

Now mainheader.ascx looks like this

<%@ Control Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" Codebehind="_mainheader.ascx.vb" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="SEARCHBOX" TagName="SEARCHBOX" Src="_searchbox.ascx" %>

Searchbox control looks like this

<%@ Control Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" Codebehind="_searchbox.ascx.vb" %>
<INPUT  type="text" name="SEARCH_keywords" id="SEARCH_keywords" runat=server>
<INPUT type="submit" id="Submit1" name="Submit1" runat=server>

The row from the trace looks like this HEAD:_ctl1:SEARCHBOX:SEARCH_keywords

What i need to do is access the value of SEARCH_keywords from within the code behind of _header.ascx


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yoh have to desing the searchbox user control according to your preferences

in your searchbox usercontrol

<script language="VB" runat="server">
  Public Property txtSearchBox As String
      Return txtSearch.Value
    End Get
      txtSearch.Value = Value
    End Set
  End Property
<input id="txtSearch"  type="text" runat="server">

now in your main page you can get it value


myValue =  SEARCHBOX.txtSearchBox

hope it helps


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1. Add the following property to the user control:

public string SearchText
   get {return this.txtSearch.Text;}
   set {this.txtSearch.Text = value;}


2. In the page where you are using the user control, add the following code:

protected MyUserControl MyUserControl1;

3. Access the txtSearch as follows:

   MyUserControl.SearchText = "From Parent";

HTH, Nauman.
Or in VB:

1. Public Property SearchText As String
      return Me.txtSearch.Text
    End Get
    Set (ByVal Value as String)
      Me.txtSearch.Text = value

    End Set

2. Add the following in Header.ascx code behind:

   Protected MyUserControl1 As MyUserControl

3. Get or Set the value for search textbox:

   MyUserControl1.SearchText = "From Header"

HTH, Nauman.
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lengreenAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys

OK, setting the property in the class should be fine but
when i click on the submit i need to access the value from within the first User Control

Something like

DIM MYSEARCHCONTROL as __Searchbox  = Reference to the Control which was posted back

Dim keywords As String = MYSEARCHCONTROL.txtSearchBox

I cannot create a new Instance of the control otherwise the value will not be correct



You dont need to create a new instance. The postback will not erase the value of the search text field from the user control. You can access it like:


HTH, Nauman.
lengreenAuthor Commented:
Hi Again

Thanks for your help, can't be far away from whats wrong but

From within Header.ascx code behind


my search user control is within the mainheader user control


Protected MyUserControl1 As __searchbox

Sub Page_Load(etc)

Dim keywords As String = MyUserControl1.txtSearchBox

gives me an object reference not set  




<%@ Register TagPrefix="SRCHBOX" TagName="SEARCHBOX" Src="_searchbox.ascx" %>

<SRCHBOX:SEARCHBOX id="myNewNameID"  runat="server"/>

Dim keywords As String = myNewNameID.txtSearchBox

ok buddy here is the sample ;)

I think you must have two drives on your PC. Make a virtual directory in d:\projects and unzip the files into that. Browse the application using the URL http://localhost/projects/SampleVBWebApplication/ . Otherwise edit SampleVBWebApplication.vbproj.webinfo in the project directory and update the path of the project.

Here is what I have done:

Header.ascx is a user control containing search.ascx. Search.ascx has a property SearchText that I am calling from Header Page_Load event after adding protected Search1 as Search.

Best, Nauman.
lengreenAuthor Commented:

Still no joy here is my setup

 USERCONTROL(HEAD) (_header.ascx)
   USERCONTROL (_ctrl1) (_mainheader.ascx) loaded programatically
      USERCONTROL (SEARCHBOX) (_search.ascx)

WHen i load the HEAD user control

i have a line of code

if something = true then


end if

which is fine

but what i need to do just before that line of code executes is to check the posted back keywords value
Im well and truely stumped on this one


lengreenAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys

I have Got round my Problem by not dynamically loading the control

and setting visible to false when not required

i can access by

Dim MYControl As __searchbox = Me.FindControl("HEAD").FindControl("HeaderTop").FindControl("SEARCHBOX")
Dim keywords As String = MYControl.txtSearchBox

thanks for your help as you steered me to a solution thats working

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