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I have 515E working just fine. Everybody can access the internet. I want to add rules with the "object-group" command. I want to group several IP's in a group name, and then make an access rule refering to it.

As soon as i add a rule refering to any group, nobody can access the Internet.

I made a new group including only 1 IP address, i made a rule allowing that group every otbound traffic, and it didn't work. If i change the group for the IP in the access rule, it works.

Please help!

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Tim HolmanCommented:
I'm not aware of any problems with regards to this.  Take a look here:



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Hi llandajuela,
Bear in mind that by default all outbound traffic is permitted. If you create an access-list then there is an implicite 'deny all' at the end. Therefore if you create an access-list allowing one machine to access the internet and apply it then only that machine will be able to access the internet.
Therefore when creating an outbound access-list you need to be carefull and specify everything which should be permitted.
llandajuelaAuthor Commented:
grblades, thanks, but i understand what you are saying. It was a test, and the problem is that that machine was not able to acces the internet.
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In your test you have only setup a small set of static mappings. Any outgoing connection will use a high numbered port your end and therefore wont match any ports listed in your 'static' command.
You should be able to use a 'global' and 'nat' command to define a default PAT to use for all other outbound connections.
Tim HolmanCommented:
Could you post up the non-working config so we can see what's wrong ?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
just to add some info

Ive created object groups from command line and seen them not listed in the PDM - dont know if its related :)
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