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I have several templates for different size sheets in AutoCAD.  Is there any way I can import them into SolidWorks so I don't have to recreate them all?  Thanks

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kgerbChief EngineerAsked:
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Not sure about this as I have NO AutoCAD experience but if you create a new "blank" drawing in AutoCad, you can open it up in SolidWorks using the import wizard.

Once opened, do a SaveAs, and change the extension to .drwdot to save it as a SW drawing template.
But I'm not very optimistic about the quality of the Title Block items after import.

I think you would still be much better off to create you first template by scratch on a 'C' size sheet. That way you can setup the fields to automatically pull the custom data from the part or assembly file and auto-populate the drawing template.

Once the C-size is created, open it up as a drawing, go to the Page setup, change to another size, move acouple of boders and resave as newsize.drwdot.

Also before you save your first new template, be sure to setup your drawing options the way you want them via TOOLS - OPTIONS - DOCUMENT PROPERTIES.

Another neat trick is to place all of your new templates within a new folder (titled anything you want) and place it in the SW directory: ...../SolidWorks/data/templates .  Then start a new part or drawing and look at the newly created extra tab on the selection menu. (now you see how futher customization of this arae is possible)
kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
I created the C size and saved it as a drawing template but when I opened it up again and tried to change the sheet size to B it said the current size was A.  Does the active printer need to have C size capability in order to change the sheet to size C?  Also, when I create a drawing out of a part how do I use my new templates.  I can't find an option that will let me choose the drawing template.
How exactly did you create the C-size drawing. (I only referred to C-size because its easier to adjust everything up and down sizewise from there to create them all)

Did you use the default drawing template and select a standard sheet format, custom sheet format or No sheet format with a paper size of 22x17?

If you start with the default template - right-click in the middle of the sheet and select - EDIT SHEET FORMAT.  The template borders/etc. will now turn blue.  This is because the SW default drawing template borders are under defined. ( why?  I hve no idea)

Now you make your template layout changes. You can't dimension then to the edge of the sheet but can define their location in the Feature Manager. Then make the corners "FIXED" to lock them in place if you choose). ANt default tolerance blocks, company logo, revision blocks, etc... are all added at this time.

When finished, right-click in the middle of the sheet again and select EDIT SHEET before doing a SAVE, changing the drawing file type to "Drawing Template".

There are two ways to access your new templates:
1) Move them to the default store  ...../ProgramFiles / SolidWorks / Data / Templates or
2) Via TOOLS - OPTIONS - SYSTEM OPTIONS - FILE LOCATIONS - Show folders for "Document Templates - ADD...  and browse to where the new templates are stored..

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kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
Ok, thank you.  I think I had finally figured it out but your explainationi clarified it thoroughly.
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