Search Engine Question ..

ok, ive read various bits and pieces but I wanted to know first hand, the successful methods people have used to get their web sites highly ranked .. especially with google.


Any tips ? Theories ?

thanks in advance.
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and some really good stuff here ->
My apologies, I just started pasting links without reading your question completely..They're from my bookmarks ;)

Anyway I'll sum up what I've found to be important for SEO ->

>> Use effective / relevant keywords, to help you could use and

>> Use these keyword phrases effectively
best places to put keyword phrases are:
    * Page title tag
    * In headings
    * As links
    * In bold text
    * In the first 25 words on the page (this refers to the first 25 words of text placed in the HTML document, which is often navigation)
    * In the file name (i.e. the URL)
    * META tags

>> Have a number of internal links, eg. (sitemap)

>> Try and keep mostly content in your page (content to code ratio is high)
    * e.g. Keep Css and Javascript external

>> Get your site linked on other sites / portals. "Google seems to like this a lot" e.g. search for misrable failure in Google.. you'll understand

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Things to consider on search engine ranking

1.) Number of other pages linked to your site site, more page links means it’s a popular site and more relevant.
2.) Number of click throughs, the higher the better.
3.) Keep your meta tage unique and precise, avoid spamming.
4.) Page title is ver important, generally search engines place high weighting on page titles
5.) Keep page title descriptive and unique from you other pages
6.) Keep content clean and focused
7.) use "title" element in your <A href> tags to make your content more descriptive
8.) use "alt" element in your <img> tags to make it more descriptive
9.) Try create a site map on your site, may be easier for bots to crawl your site
10.) Try use the words that you used in your content for your title and meta tag keywords.

See what your site will look like in search-engine results.
See how search-engine friendly your site is, can the spider crawl it easily? Will it get good rankings?

Another thing, that I find out about search engine ranking from
Search engines (or google at least) tend to look for <h1> <h2> <h3> tags and give them higher weighting for contents that are in the header tags.
Almost no web crawlers use Meta tags any more...

Meta tags didn't wrok, as people just used them to lie, to try and get more hits ;-)
Hi, I work for an SEO company and I can add a little bit to this:
1. Select only 3 or 4 Keyword phrases.  Any more than that will make your page unfocused.
2. The text on the page should reflect those keywords, and the keywords should appear as close to the top of the page as possible.
3. There should be 300-500 words of text on the page.
4. The text should still be useful and flow smoothly since this is what the person viewing the page will also see.
5. The TITLE tag is the single most important thing to get right on a page.
6. META tags do make a difference on some search engines, however they don't carry as great of weight as they used to.

Webposition is software used to help with optimization.  The page critic component can be used to tell you how well you are doing with setting your page up to follow the search engines' rules.  You can try downloading an evaluation copy at

You may wonder why I'm telling you these things if I work for an SEO company.  Because these are things anybody doing research on the subject can find, but to actually do it correctly is an art and really takes a lot of practice.  Being armed with all the knowledge, SEO is still difficult, but the results can be well worth it.
Just to add that google and many others have a 'sponsored links' section and depending on your financial constraints and the importance of getting a high rank you might want to look into this.
A sponsored link usually means guaranteed first page- usually highlighted in a seperate area. Most are charge by the click

Sorry if this isnt what u wanted- trying to provide an alternative to the other suggestions ;)
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