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C# and Outlook how - do I return the name and path of an Outlook Attachment

I use the Outlook MailItem to retrieve the values of the Email message.

How do I return the oEmail.Attachment - name and path ? Not sure how to cast it... thanks

                                                Outlook.MailItem oEmail = mail.LastSentItem();

                                                object[] rowVals = new object[11];
                                                DataRowCollection rc =  this.dsNotes.Tables["Interactions"].Rows;
                                                rowVals[2] = oEmail.SentOn;
                                                rowVals[3] = String.Concat("Sent:", oEmail.SentOn," Received: ",oEmail.ReceivedTime.ToShortDateString(),System.Environment.NewLine,oEmail.Subject);
                                                rowVals[4] = String.Concat("E-Mail:",System.Environment.NewLine,oEmail.Body);
                                                rowVals[8] = "Sent E-Mail";
                                                rowVals[9] =  oEmail.Attachments  ?????????????????????
                                                rowVals[10]= "E-Mail Message";
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1 Solution
once the file is attached to the mail, it looses the path - it becames part of the mail. in other words a copy of the original file is stored in mime format into the mail but any information about that file is lost - so you can not obtain the attached files path
JElsterAuthor Commented:
What about the file name ? Thanks
JElsterAuthor Commented:
What other info can I 'read'?

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