This appears to be a ms 2003 server issue but I am not sure.

We are trying to install sql server enterprise evaluation copy but we ran into the following error:

Eroor_VGARESOLUTION - entry not found in the string table.

All the research I have done points to setting screen resolution to 800/600.
Problem is our screen resolution is already set at 800/600.

Not real sure what is causing this problem and how to resolve it.

Any help resolving this will be *greatly* appreciated.

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simflexAuthor Commented:
This: Eroor_VGARESOLUTION - entry not found in the string table.

is supposed to be this:

Error_VGARESOLUTION - entry not found in the string table.
are you using remote desktop connection to install or do you login on console?
simflexAuthor Commented:
I first tried using the console but the screen size was too small that I could not even see the resolution.

Then I logged in using remote desktop.
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is the console display set to 800x600 or higher?
it will not be enough to set RDP to 800x600

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simflexAuthor Commented:
You are right,
console display says:

However, when you log in remotely using remote desktop, it shows 800/600

Since console display won't be enough to set RDP to 800/600, any workaround that you can think of?
use another monitor which can display 800x600 at console.
or use Remote Administrator or use VNC.
simflexAuthor Commented:
I tried all of that but nothing worked.

Apparently, the installation always assume you are using remote administrator which shrinks t he size of the monitor.

We finally got our unix administrator to do hack job and install via unix.

It is working now.

While I still don't know how to use Administrator console or vnc, I will give you the points for efforts.

Meanwhile, if you find an article on how to use vnc, please forward my way.

"Remote Administrator" is a 3rd party tool ( not the included Remote Desktop.
vnc is a remote admin program too (
both have to be installed on the server and have a own client.
but both are connecting to the console session, not to a virtual session like Remote Desktop.
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Windows Server 2003

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