Ping test on specific port

I am trying to set up a TightVNC connection between my fathers computer and mine over the internet.  We both have broadband connections through routers.  The TightVNC program apparently listens for connections via ports 5800 and 5900 and in a nother mode, through ports 5500.  There fore I have port forwarded these on each router.  However it is still not working.

Is there a way to do a ping test to these specific ports to see if the routher is letting it through to the lan side IP?  A normal ping test fails.

Thanks- Andy
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Hi Andy128,
You can't ping as such. However you can telnet to those ports (VNC uses tcp) and see if the connection is accepted. From windows use the syntax (from a command prompt):-

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RohnishIT EngineerCommented:
This will sound stupid but i bet it will work.
Try a port range forwarding, from 5000 to 6000.
(worked for me)

Anyway I have to REAL VNC now.
It is free and better (FASTER) than Tight VNC.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
RealVNC is not secure, therefore the use of TightVNC...  Personally, I would never use RealVNC with any data which I was concerned about..

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Andy128Author Commented:
grblades- I have not been back to my dads to try the telnet.  I will post when I have.

rohnish- I have switched to VNC which does appear a little faster when used with my kids computer.  I have applied the ranges you sugggest and when I go to my dads will do the same and let you know- Thanks.

FE- I am not real IT-ish so foregive me.  By not secure- what do you mean when you say you would not use VNC with data that you are concerned about?  I am simply using it to help my father when he has problems with his computer or questions on how to do or find someting.  No data (files or passwords or such) are being utilized.  Does VNC create an opening for trojans or hackers or both?  What type of security risk are you talking about?  Additionally- I have heard that you can create an ssh tunnel- is this true?  What other (free) method would you suggest that is secure and will allow me to assist my dad and possibly friends with their computers over the web?  Thanks in advance- Andy
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
VNC transmits, once you have authenticated (it is encrypted), passes everything in clear text format.  This is obviously a security risk if the data needs to be secure.  On the other hand, TightVNC and the XP Remote Desktop both establish encrypted sessions, and there is no need to worry about someone sitting at your door with a sniffer watching everything you are doing..  Now, perhaps I am a little paranoid, but that comes with a Network Admin's job...  The more you understand what can take place on a connection, the more concerned you become.
Andy128Author Commented:
Thanks FE.

Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
NP, anytime...  You know, if you are running XP Pro on these systems, you can use Remote Desktop and have that secure connection.   And if you want the end-user to follow along (be able to see the desktop while you are on it) you can use the Ask For Assistance wizard..

Just a thought.

Just a thought, you need the inbound ports to be listening on an any source to the three ports.  I had a similar problem and when I used netstat -a to see what ports where outbound, the connecting PC wasn't using any of the three suggested ports so I had to create a rule on the firewall to allow any port to go to the 5500, 5600 and 5900 so I had a rule of :

Inbound 0 - 65535 > 5500
Inbound 0 - 65535 > 5600
Inbound 0 - 65535 > 5900

to allow any inbound link that is looking for any of the three ports to be allowed through and then used port forwarding to get to the internal PC.

May or may not help.


if using xp make sure ports on xp firewall are open for whatever program you use
I think u can try Team Viewer as this software can work behind firewall and even u don't need to port forward in ur router
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