App crashing and I dont know why

Ive been working on a sql app for a few weeks and its nearing completion, but during some final testing I stumbled on a bug that makes the app crash for no reason. Keep in mind that it works fine when the SQL server is running but when I stop it to check for error handling it returns the usual "Sql server does not exist or access is denied" but once I click OK it just closes additonal messages or anything. Here is the code that is called from a menu on an mdi form

// Begin

Private Sub CreateTable()

        Dim strSQL As String = _
            "IF EXISTS (" & _
            "SELECT * " & _
            "FROM master..sysdatabases " & _
            "WHERE Name = 'UserAudit')" & vbCrLf & _
            "DROP DATABASE UserAudit" & vbCrLf & _
            "CREATE DATABASE UserAudit"

        Dim frmStatusMessage As New frmStatus

        frmStatusMessage.MdiParent = Me.MdiParent
        frmStatusMessage.Show("Connecting to SQL Server")

            Dim SqlConnection As New SqlConnection(connectionstring)
            Dim cmd As New SqlCommand(strSQL, SqlConnection)


            msg = "Database 'UserAudit' successfully created!"
            style = MsgBoxStyle.DefaultButton1 Or _
            MsgBoxStyle.Information Or MsgBoxStyle.OKOnly
            title = "Database Creation"
            response = MsgBox(msg, style, title)

        Catch ex As Exception
            msg = ex.Message
            style = MsgBoxStyle.DefaultButton1 Or _
            MsgBoxStyle.Critical Or MsgBoxStyle.OKOnly
            title = "Connection Failed"
            response = MsgBox(msg, style, title)
        End Try
    End Sub

// End

Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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Hi this

            response = MsgBox(msg, style, title)
        End Try
    End Sub

should be

            response = MsgBox(msg, style, title)
        End Try
    End Sub

the seperate End will end your app

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JoeDWAuthor Commented:
Wow, I feel bad that I missed that one. Thanks alot because I completely overlooked that, it hadnt even dawned on me that it would be the cause.

Thanks again for the help
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