Detecting remote connections

In Windows SBS 2003, how can I discover which users, if any, are currently connected to the server via

- Outlook Web Access, or
- Remote Web Workplace, or
- Remote Desktop Connection?

I'm trying to get certain that no users are actively exercising the system, so I can safely shut it down for maintenance.

Thanks for your answer!
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map000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
remote desktop connections can be viewed in Administrativ Template, Terminal Server Manager
but about OWA or RWW i don't know a direct method
you can use netstat -a for exemple to see opend tcpip connections
or look in the logs ...
Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Right-click My Computer.
Select Manage.
Expand Shared Folders.
Select Sessions.

In the right pane there should be a list of connected objects (users and/or computers).

you can see there only open files and folders :)
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Users with mapped drives also appear.
but the question wasn't that :)
Hmm....When you try to shutdown while users are connected, it will ask if you would like to continue shutting down since users are connected.
JohnAtkinsonAuthor Commented:
>> Hmm....When you try to shutdown while users are connected, it will ask if you would like to continue shutting down since users are connected.

True enough.  However, a number of users leave their workstations logged in and locked at the end of the day, so there are always some connections there.  I'm the only person in the office during these late night sessions, so I'm certain no one is actually sitting in front of their workstations.  What I need to know is whether any of those connected users mentioned in the shutdown warning are remotely connected, and presumably, actively working, while sitting at home in their 'jammies.  Those are the folks I need to identify.

They are of two types: users of Remote Web Workplace, and users of Outlook Web Access.
I need to identify the individuals, and then talk to them to negotiate a time when I can cycle the server.  Thus, my question here.  (Perhaps I should post in the Exchange area for insight into OWA.)
LimeSMJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For server maintenance, I would just send out a company wide email that states when the maintenance is going to start and end.  In essence, there really isn't a 100% method to determine who is actually on and who is just idling (those locked workstations).  Usually for my company I schedule Sunday nights for maintenance... if anyone has a problem with that, they usually respond to the email that I send out.
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