I want to be able to automatically create Windows Server 2003 domain users via a live link to an access database

A slightly quirky one this.

I am putting in a 2003 network in a small school. In paralell to this project a student database is currently being created in Access (though not by me.)

I am no good with databases, so please forgive any ignorance in my question.

What we want to know if it is possible for fields in the database (ie. first name, last name, class etc.) to automatically create logons in Active Directory ? These would need to be linked live to the database (ODBC ?) so that if, for example, a student left, their logon would be removed / disabled. Also, group membership would need to be changed to reflect the relevant year and therefore, the approriate login script.

I personally can't see this ever working, but maybe that is the cynic in me. The database people seem to think it can be done.

Any suggestions ?
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I don't know if you can do this, but for sure you can export the database and format it in a csv format and than use a tool to import the user in active direcotry
ldifde it's an exemple of importing program

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you can only use the database for quering with tools.
if one student is deleted in your db, you must trigger a script, that will modify accounts in AD or in your local groups, depending if you have a domain or only a standalone server.
for ad use tools like dsget, dsquery, dsmod to edit the objects.
for a standalone server you can use "net localgroup" or "net user"
benleicesterAuthor Commented:
Sorry WeHe intended to split the points but not sure how to do it.
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Windows Server 2003

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