autocomplete on email address question

i want to delete the autocomplete function when you enter in an email address.  there are old emails that show up that are invalid.  where is this info saved at?
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Hello pele4483 =)

If u want u can just hightlight those invalid ids entries, and can hit Delete key to remove them individually, means just the invalid ones and not the full list :)
pele4483Author Commented:
that means i have ot check each one , where idf i could just delete the whole list outlook can start remembering the latest ones which are the good ones
Read here,

Outlook: Delete Autocomplete Email

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Question: How to build this application in outlook?

This application is going to be designed in the outlook express program using encyrption and decryption technique. The messages will be sent using outlook-to-outlook program. (sending messages in the same program itself). There will be two algorithm used to solve this problem. The first algorithm will not support multimedia elements like audio, grafic and etc (only text). The second one using S/MIME protocol will be implemented to support this feature).Thank you.
Also, check out NK2 View to delete or modify individual entries:
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