AV Program

Which of the following is the toughest? and Why?
1- Norton AV
2- NOD32
3- Mcafee

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>> 3- Mcafee

Ofcourse becoz im using it and trust it.... i had never cought by a virus in the last three years becoz of Mcafee... and when i had norton, i had to rebuild my system coz it allowed that Idiotic Blaster Virus >:(

Moreover,,, its support service is far faaaaaar better than Norton... if u want to talk a person at Symantec, u have to wiat for the whole life or have to Pay and still no useful help.... and Mcafee support.... i talk to them once in a month for asking all those stupid questions, and still they are the BEST when it comes to Support :)

Sometimes people explain abt the annoying update reminder popups it throws.... the best way to avoid it is to uninstall security center or to stop its service.

But still u have to try it urself to believe the Goodness and Badness of these products. Good Luck :)

I think the answer to your question all comes down to personal opinion. I use AntiVir Personal Edition. In my "opinion" it has shown to be a better antivirus program than McAfee or Norton (sorry, no experience with NOD32) and it's FREE! Everytime I get a customers PC who's Antivirus program is WAY out of date :) I install Antivir for them. From my personal experience, this program has caught and removed viruses on PCs that McAffee or Norton did not even detect. They are constantly providing updates for the virus definitions as well. You can get it here:



Let me touch on each one of those choices and one of my own. First, Norton definitly not a first choice, yes its popular but thats because a ton of computes come with Norton or McAfee preinstalled with a few month license and then your only choice is to renew it or be annoyed to no end. So, if your looking for a Anti-Virus product to actually protect you and prevent annoyance, I would say:

Kaspersky - Not free but a wonderful program. Definitly the best.
AVG - Free, definitly the best free scanner.

Now, NOD32 is also a great program, it is new, but takes advantage of using some new features that other vendors don't use.

If you must use one of the 3 you listed, NOD32 would be the only choice. However, if you open to suggestions Kaspersky, is the BEST!

Please advise if you have any questions!!

Good Luck,

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Opps, forgot the link!

Kaspersky Antivirus 5.0  http://www.kaspersky.com/

AVG (Free version) - http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_dwnl_free.php

Let me know,

RohnishIT EngineerCommented:
Hi! AVG Free Edition is great.
Top it up with Kerio Firewall free edition and you have a very nice system.

AVG does not slow down your system like Norton does.

And most importantly you get updates everyday. If you went on symantec's website and checked for the latest threats, you will find that there is an average of  4-5 new viruses discovered a day. But Norton only gives you updates once a week , leaving you open to an average of 30 (or more) new viruses. MC Afee in briliant but does not give you updates as often as AVG. Actually I Feel that the free version of AVG is better than the professional version.

I personally use AVG FREE, BIT DEFENDER (2 antiviruses) , Kerio Firewall, And Giant Antispyware.

I couldn't even infect myself even if i wanted to! :P Just kidding
Of the three that you listed, Nod 32 is the hnads down winner.

Consider this one fact:

Since Nod first participated in the Virus Bulletin testing (a worldwide event), in May of 1998, it is the only AV program that has not missed a virus that is in the wild. That's 100% detection.

Add to this it's low use of resources and extremely fast scanning capability, (2 - 50 times faster than it's competitors), and you have your winner.

I hang out a bit in the international security community, and Nod 32 has been the recommendation of the "big guys" for as long as I can remember.
"in May of 1998, it is the only AV program that has not missed a virus that is in the wild. That's 100% detection."

That statement is not true, they failed the DOS portion in 1998.

Anyways, thats 6 years ago. NOD is a fast scanner, detection rate is awesome. It uses a little more system resources than others, but offers more than others.

As I stated earlier, NOD32 is definitly the only choice of the 3 listed. However, if your wanting to use the absolute best, Kaspersky is the only choice. Any underground research will prove this.


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