Need software recommendations for read / write Pioneer Drive


I have a Pioneer DVD read / write drive.
I went to the Pioneer website and they only have firmware updates for the drive.
That I installed.
I have the following software: Stomp & Sonic's MyDVD 5.

I have a new program that is supposed to burn installation disks for an application I wrote.
The developer says it "uses standard APIs to write to the disk".

He asked can I "directly write, say, your Word document to DVD"?

I currently can not.

Any ideas what software would allow this type of function?

P.S. My computer has Windows XP Pro for the operating system.

Thank you in advance.
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I personally like Nero Burning ROM myself.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You need to use UDF Packet Writing software.  Roxio Easy Media Creator and Nero both come with appropriate software for this.  Personally, I never use it.  The memory resident program has caused too many problems in my experience to be worth the "convenience"

Go to Start > Run > type "Services.msc" and hit <enter>
Look for IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
RIght click it and go to properties...make sure it is on automatic. Either start the service or reboot and try your application again.

If the application you are trying to use uses standard windows api's then you need that service started to be able to use them.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Note, if I remember correctly, DVation's suggestion will work, but will NOT burn the data immediately to the DVD.  You will have to manually tell it to burn it later.  With UDF writing software, the data is immediately burned (but you do have issues reading the disc if you don't have a UDF Reader client installed).
I think I was misunderstood. I am not intending on enabling that service to use it to actually do the burning.

The author stated, "I have a new program that is supposed to burn installation disks for an application I wrote. The developer says it "uses standard APIs to write to the disk".

To allow that application to use the standard APIs, I believe that service needs to be enabled. I did not intend on the author using the service to actually do the burning.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Good point - we'll see what he says.
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:

So I enabled the suggested service and rebooted my computer.

When I run the installation program I still get the same errors:
Error creating directory
Error code: 26 - File Splitting Error

So I still think I will need some additional software.

The developer of the installation program just wrote me this "This software, which is generally available from the manufacture of the device (e.g., Adaptec's DirectCD), enables SetupBuilder to write its disk images to a writable CD."

I already have a backup program from StompSoft, but it does not obviously allow the api calls to function.

So would Nero be my best option?
Nero's InCD software will do it. You have to use the InCD software to format the DVD. I suggest using a DVD+RW as it takes 1-2 minutes to format compared to about 120mins to format a DVD-RW.  
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:
Hi Smiffy13!

Where can I buy it?

I went to Nero's site and they do not have it listed a product for sell.

Thank you in advance.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You need to buy Nero Burning Rom as I suggested above.  InCD is the UDF software included with it.  You can buy nero online from their web site at  They used to have a demo (still might).

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