Reading from file and displaying in edit box

Hello Experts,
Ok here's what I am trying to do:
I have a text file which has a row of readings for date, time, tempeature, rain, windspeed.
What I am doing is designing a GUI where a user can click a button and get latest temperature to appear in an edit box.(the latest reading is always in the same file).

For testing purposes i have a file just containg a number representing temperature and when I click the button the ascii value for the number in the file appears. Is there a function that will covert ascii to char or int?

Also my C++ programming skills are nothing special, I am just using fgetc to read from the file. If I want to have another button to say get curent rainfall or windspeed. How do I actualy navigate my way around the file. assuming its structured like:
date        time         tempeature          rain             windspeed
What is the difference in fgets and fgetc? is it simply to read a string (1 whole line ) and character( 1 digit)?

Would it be easier if i skipped a line between each reading instead of using tabs? Its in this format because its being dumped into a database and it is supposed to be in this form. i was hoping I could use the one file for dumping to database and viewing the latest rading from the GUI.  

Thanks for any help.
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Amritpal SinghCommented:
for reading file use a structure

struct myrecord
     char date[SIZE]
     char time[SIZE]
struct myrecord r;
FILE *fp;
fp = fopen("filename","r");
while ( fread ( &r, sizeof ( r ), 1, fp ) == 1 )
    printf ( "\n%s %s %s",, r.time, .. ) ;

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