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have a view using DbLookUp to find a field, however, the field is not categorizing. I looked at another posting which stated that DbLookUp fields cannot be categorized unless they are in the far most left column. I changed my view, so that the DbLookUp field is in that column. The field is still not categorizing. Any thoughts?
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I am not sure if I understand your problem fully. I am offering some generic help. Perhaps that will help.

To use DBLookup on a view the view should meet these conditions:

(1) The View must be sorted on the first column (left most). Categorized or not, does not matter.
(2) The first column must contain values based on formula to be looked up. It can be a single field value or a composite made out of many fields put together.
(3) The view must contain the column that contains the return value.

Now compare this with your scenario. Do you see any gaps?
christie_holtzAuthor Commented:
I have a view called 'External Summary'.  On that view, I have the following fields, Reviewer, Quarter, PC,and Name.  I am using a DBLookUp for Reviewer.  The DBLookUp code is @DbLookup("";"";"intlookup";qtrid;int_onc).  I am tryin to get int_onc from another view called 'Internal Summary', the field there is called int_onc, but labeled Reviewer. This field is the first column in the view and is sorted.  
Does this help?
Are you trying to use Dblookup in view column formula, If yes then it will not work. From your dblookup, this is what i infer

Intlookup - is the view name
qtrid - key
int_onc - value to be fetched

qtrid i am not sure what you have in that

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christie_holtzAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have my DBLookUp in the column's formula section.  Since that won't work, what would you suggest I do?
Create a field in the current document which will evaluate to this dblookup: something in this line:

Create a agent and put this code and run on all the documents

I am assuming that int_onc and qtrid are there in that document

field newdblookupfieldname:=@DbLookup("";"";"intlookup";qtrid;int_onc);  


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christie_holtzAuthor Commented:
I am totally new to LN....I think this might be out of my league.....when I copy that code and put it into an agent....when I go back to it the code as a SELECT statement in there....what does that mean?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Could you please explain what you want to accomplish, in logical terms, or in terms of output? E.g. "I want to show X, Y, and Z on one line, where X and Y come from one document and Z comes from the other".

As you may have found out the hard way (which is unfortunately the best way), Notes is by no means a relational database. If you explain your view in some relational SQL-select statement, we can see if it is easy to do. You have to accept that, in Notes, data sometimes must be duplicated to other documents (records) in order to ascertain relationships, and that you have to maintain these relationships yourself.

Notes add select @all after any statement, Forget that and run on selected documents,

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