Weird error while trying to access databeses from Domino for Linux.

I have configured the DSN's for a SQL Server and for a DB2. I test the conections with isql (linux command) and also with Domino's dctest both sucesfully. (with dctest I get a "Sucessfully connected" message, if I use other password I get an Err of security, with isql I can connect and make queries)

The weird thing is that even tho both tests were succesfull, when I try to use the DSN's from the running Domino Server (which also works fine besides of this), it seems that it can't access the DSN's. I use the connection from Agents. I have the DECS server running. This is the error I got while trying to access one of them:

Agent message: LS:DO- ODBC could not complete the requested operation.Connect

Domino Server 6.5.2 for Linux. SuSE Linux 9.1 Enterprise.

Any ideas? :(

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Hi mmartha,

Sometimes it is a rights issue -- try running isql and dctest under the same Linux account that Domino is running under.

Also, DCTest does NOT use the same code as LS:DO.  DCTest uses the lclsx code.  So try switching from *odbc to *lclsx. The two operate much differently, so the code will be different, but at least for a connection test, you'll know the answer.  And if lclsx does work, it may pay to just do it using that model, especially since Lotus has deprecated LS:DO in favr of LC LSX.

Best regards,
mmarthaAuthor Commented:
Ok. I'll change it and test it. :)

I didn't know about DCTest using *LSLXS.

Any other info you have on will be I'll be deeply truly appreciated. :)

mmarthaAuthor Commented:
I ran isql and dctest from the domino server account and had the same successful result.

Even tho it isn't my area I checked the Agent code and fonud an error that keeped the server from contacting the DSN. :D

So that was the problem.

To change from *odbc to *lclsx isn't viable according to the Domino administrator (too much code I guess)


So, sorry for wasting your time. I do have another question ( so please check it out.

I don't know if I should request for this question to be closed or should I award you the points, suggest please. (qwaletee or Administrators)
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Please decribe teh solution you did find.  I'll have the topic administrator (CRAK) look into a disposition for the question.
mmarthaAuthor Commented:
The solution was to add a couple of lines in the code of the Agent that used the DSN. I don't know those lines cause I'm not the Notes Administrator. I run the Linux server.

I can ask for the lines if you think i should post them.
Please do.
mmarthaAuthor Commented:
I've sent an email asking for the code.

I'll post it ASAP. :)

I've heard no suggestions... should I award you the points?

You should request a refund. To do so, go to Community Support, post a zero-point question asking for a refund, icnluding the URL of this question.
mmarthaAuthor Commented:
I had this code:
-- START (ommited previuos variables declaration code) --
'      Set qry.Connection = con
'      Set result.Query = qry
'      user="pcuser3"
'      pass="pcuser3"
'      If Not con.ConnectTo(nameodbc, user, pass) Then      
      If Not con.ConnectTo(nameodbc) Then      
            Messagebox "odbc conection problem"
            Exit Sub
      End If
'      Set qry.Connection = con
'      Set result.Query = qry
-- END --

The last 3 lines should be:
      Set qry.Connection = con
      Set result.Query = qry
'      con.ConnectTo("DB2")

and that was it.

The code was copied from a SQL Server connection, that's why it has a lot of comments.

I'll post the refund request.

thanks q

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