Palm Tungsten W Will Not Perform Hard Reset

I have a new Palm Tungsten W that had a problem during a software upgrade operation.  I attempted to perform a hard reset by following the instructions on the manufacturer's website.  The unit will not return to it's initial state.  Instead, the indicator lamp flashes five greens and one red regardless of anything I try.  I called Palm technical support and they said the unit must be returned for repair because it's "stuck in an internal debugging mode".  

Even though I just purchased this unit, they said the serial number was out of warranty and it would cost $128 for repair.

If I'm able to find the right tool to open the case, I'm wondering if I could return the unit to it's initial state by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and then reconnecting it.  The Tungsten W is a rechargable PDA with no external access to the battery so I would have to open the case.  

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Hi bobengel: My advice is to take the unit in and have it repaired by a Technician. But there are some options:

Careful when you open the case, some cases are molded together if yours is one of them; then its good by unit. It needs to be heated off. Some units you can remove the batteries, it may work, leave then out for 5 minutes, then hard reset. If that does not work
1. Do a hard reset holding down the power button. Then press the reset again, release the power button.Try to turn on the unit.
2. I once read that if remove the battery, the screen connector and then just reseat them back into their position, place battery back in it may come back to life.
3.If all fails,take it to the shop for repair.

Hope this helps



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bobengelAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the suggestions.  I did open the case and removed the back only.  I could not see any battery and decided not to remove the circuit board for fear of damaging something.  The battery must be on the other side of the board.  I did see a 4 conductor plug coming from the other side which I disconnected for a few minutes and then reconnected.  This did not change anything.

I'm trying to get a replacement from the vendor as the unit is out of warranty.  If he refuses to replace the unit, I will remove the board and look for the battery so I can disconnect it.  

I tried your suggestion #1 several times with no success.  I do think temporarily removing the battery will do the trick if I can get to it.  

Hi Bob, I believe removing the battery will work,let me know how you make out.
Thanks for the points and the grade.....Mav
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