slot number question

I have a file server that is loadoing and asking for the slot number how or where do I put this in so it does not keep asking for the slot. If I select it it boots up fine? Thank tyou in advance  netware 6.5 sp2
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When it prompts for a SLOT number, it probably displays a value that you have been accepting. Next time it boots, make note of that value. What's happening is that the driver has auto-detected the SLOT, but (for whatever reason) is not 100% sure that it has the right value, so it wants confirmation.

Once you have noted this value, edit AUTOEXEC.NCF and find the driver LOAD statement (e.g. LOAD SOMENIC.LAN FRAME=Blahblah). Append to the end of the statement SLOT=<slot # you noted> and save AUTOEXEC.NCF. This does assume you have not used INETCFG.
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
i used inetcfg :) I will go in there and look for it is this where it would be
Well, why didn't you say you used INETCFG?

At the console prompt, enter --> INETCFG

Select Boards, select the board you want to deal with, and Slot is the second parameter on the Board configuration panel.

Ya really need to get in the habit of providing complete info on your environment.
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If the device is built-in, the slot number is determined by the motherboard manufacturer.  If it is a physical PCI slot, the slot number is based on which PCI slot you put the device in.  The one closest to the edge is usually the highest-numbered slot. On your average white-box mobo mfr motherboard, the one closest to the AGP slot would be slot 1, increasing as you go toward the edge.  For built-ins it can be oddball numbers like 10004, for instance.

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I've mostly seen those oddballs on PCI slots.
I've mostly seen them on on-board, embedded, integrated, whatever-you-wanna-call-em PCI devices, not on actual physical edge-connected slots.
First time I ran into it, it was with a PCI slot on a motherboard. I think it really varies by manufacturer and exactly how they implement PCI.

I think we can agree that it occurs all sortsa places.
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