DVD-R backup software


We're thinking of using DVD R's as our backup media.  With tape backups, the software catalogs the information so you can have multiple tapes and the catalog will know everything.

Is there backup software for DVD R that can do the same thing?
do you have any suggestions for back up media?
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Steve McCarthy, MCSE, MCSA, MCP x8, Network+, i-Net+, A+, CIWA, CCNA, FDLE FCIC, HIPAA Security OfficerIT Consultant, Network Engineer, Windows Network Administrator, VMware AdministratorCommented:
You could use Veritas Backup Exec and use DVD RW's to store your data.  It will do the catalogging, etc, but it will be backing up to the DVD instead of a hard disk or tape.

As far as media, I would just make sure it works.  Do a few verifies to be sure.
phileocaAuthor Commented:
sam, isn't that the idea, to back up to the DVD?

do u have a link to the software?
Here are a couple options including Veritas:

PC / Work Station
#1- Most user friendly and versatile for PC's! Nero


Hope this helps!
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phileocaAuthor Commented:
so it looks like you both agree on veritas.

nero is out of the question.

the only problem i foresee is that the backup data is typically 26gig's, and a DVD-R only holds 4.7 gigs.
That is why catologging information is very important.
DVD-RAM holds 10 GIGs these days. Soon to be 40GIGs.
Great and common DVD backup software is 'Backup4All' (it is simple and reliable):

Another software is 'Image for Windows':

And a nice freeware software called 'Simply Safe Backup':


You can get creative is you use a simple CD/DVD burner to burn an Image of a backup made by the internal (and not bad) OS backup (i.e. NTBackup); that is - if you have enough space on the hard drive.

How do we do it?
Create a backup job using the NTBackup internal software (Where you can backup system settings or in the server case; User accounts and forth), and tell the software to backup the data on the local drive (to create an Image).
Afterwards; We burn the newly created image on any DVD media we wish using any 'Nero' like software, as suggested by mrwebdev, (though I dont like Nero because there are Freeware which can do the job with no less quality).

A great urning Freeware with multiple features:

What about using a Tape Drive, and they come with awesome backup software!


A wise option!


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Just a note!

I know you stated you wanted DVD-R, but why limit your future backup capability!

Hope this helps!
Steve McCarthy, MCSE, MCSA, MCP x8, Network+, i-Net+, A+, CIWA, CCNA, FDLE FCIC, HIPAA Security OfficerIT Consultant, Network Engineer, Windows Network Administrator, VMware AdministratorCommented:
In answer to your question at the beginning, yes, Veritas, while usually associated with backing up to tape, can just as well back up to disk or DVD or CD for that matter.
Have a look at REV of Iomega. This Device is not that expensive, the media is about the same price as a tape, you can fit about 90Gigs on it (Compressed) and it is fast. You can get it to connect externaly via usb, for example, or via ide. It is also quite fast and it works more like a disk than tape.
phileocaAuthor Commented:
thank you all for your input, i'm still working on this. =)  lots of choices.

Rindi, you got a link for me?
phileocaAuthor Commented:
i installed the veritas software.... i swear it's a complete waste of time.  
i looked at the REV by iomega, 35 giga, and maximum 90 gigs if it's compressed with a hdd utility.

The reason we're moving away from tape is you have to upkeep the tape or it loses it's data after a period of time.  Yeah i know there's a tool built in that does it, but if you store the tapes off site, then you have to bring them on site at least once a month to upkeep the tape.

not to mention the 3 tape drives we currently have on the servers decided to stop working.  One of them spits the tape out like a 1 year old toddler eating brocoli and spinach baby food.  

Sure, here's the link to iomega:


Oh, i just realized you have found the link yourself. Anyway, the REV device should last a lot longer than any tapes, as it is based on harddisk hardware. As for the software, well in my opinion veritas isn't that bad, I believe it is more user friendly than Arcserve (computer associates). Another backup software is Tapeware, which has a better price than most other backup software I know of, and it should do the job.

What are the types of tape drives you are using now which are having digestion problems?
phileocaAuthor Commented:
hehe, the software on the 3 servers with tape drives is arcserve.  as of right now, 1 of the tape drives is functional, it just happens to be on the server which has the most important company wide software on it, so processing the tape backup can only be done after all my users go home.

One tape backup fails to load the "job database" then proceeds further, but will crash when the tape backup starts.

the other drive spits out new tapes, and locks in old tapes forever. only way to get the tape out is to power down the machine and hold down the eject button upon repower (eject override).

REV device looks okay, cept the price of disk is BUNK, and they wanna stay away from iomega since they offer no product scalability.  Instead they offer new products, then discontinue the old products.

as far as veritas goes. waste of time.  after installing it on the machine, and installing a service pack, veritas says "you must use 3rd party software to make the DVD look like a Disk."
complete waste of time,

looks like we're going back to tape drives.

cyberdude: your idea, lol, is like duct tape on broken leg.  It might work for you, but it adds too many steps. It might work for you since you're prolly doing disk to disk to tape, but we have our own batch files that do our disk to disk part, which writing your own gives you much more flexabilty than ntbackup.exe

thanks for the ideas, but it looks like Tape is the only sure fire procedure.
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