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I want to put logic in my sql statement such that based on the data in one column, I multiply the value in another field by 1 or negative 1.  For example, consider this data

Amount             Credit                  Charge
100                       0                        1
200                       0                        1
250                       1                        0
145                       0                        1

Basically, it boils down to accounting:  if the amount is a charge (meaning the credit is 0 and the charge is 1) then I just take the amount field.  If the amount is a credit (meaning the Credit field is 1 and the charge field is 0), then I take the amount field *-1.  This means that my amounts above would come out as follows:


I know that if the field contained a NULL instead of 1 or 0, I could just use the NVL field to multiply the value by negative one, but I don't know how to do this based on a 0 or 1 being in another column.  Any ideas?  And I'm trying to just do this in one select statement withou having to build a procedure or anything.

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ccorrenteAuthor Commented:
Think I got it.  Can use the replace function to replace 0's in the Charge with -1.  

replace (string1, string_to_replace, [replacement_string] )

Then multiply the result of the replace function by the amount in my SQL statement.  If the Charge is 0 (meaning it's a credit) then the result of the replace will be -1 and thus multiplying the amount by -1 will be negative.  If the Charge is 1 (meaning it is a charge) then the replace returns a 1 and multiplying it just produces the same positive amount.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:

select amount * decode(charge,1,-1,1) from table;

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ccorrenteAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I like decode better.  Wasn't aware of that one.  I'll be sure to keep that one in mind in the future!
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
It's the old style way of doing an if-then-else in Oracle.

FYI: for more complex queries, starting in 9i (I think.....I tend to get confused with all the NEW sql) Oracle introduced 'CASE' statements.
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