FTP Timeout

IIS 6 Windows 2003 SBS Server.  IIS installed okay.  Web server running nicely.  FTP seems to be configured okay, but when I connect with a client I cannot get the directory listing for the home directory (non-isolated) as configured in the FTP site setup.  Connection times out.  Same result when using the administrator account.  It sits there trying to get the directory listing and eventually times out.

I have checked that the permissions on the directory allow full control for the administrator, and that administrator can "log on locally".  I was getting this entry in the event viewer yesterday but none today although the problem persists:

User administrator failed to log on, could not access the home directory /.

Here is the log of the client connection.

State:>          Creating control socket...
State:>          Connecting to xxxxxx.xxxxx.xxx ...
State:>          Socket connected, waiting for welcome message...
Reply:>     220 Microsoft FTP Service
Command:>     user administrator
Reply:>     331 Password required for xxxxxxxx.
Command:>     pass *********
Reply:>     230 User administrator logged in.
Command:>     pwd
Reply:>     257 "/" is current directory.
State:>          Creating data socket...
Command:>     pasv
Error:>          Operation timed out
State:>          Force close data connection.

It does work from the server itself and ports 20-21 are fowarded to the server. I am using a Netgear FVS 318.

Please Help!!!!!


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With the PASV command the client is telling the server it wants to use a passive mode connection - ports needed will be 21 and a random port between 1025 and 65000ish (likely in the 5000-6000 range).

Try using a client that uses Active FTP.

From the look of the product documentation it doesn't look like the FVS318 will work with Passive FTP.

Dave Dietz

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