TeeChart percentage problem

I am trying to use TeeChart to display a Pie which has to show me the percentages also.

The problem is that if you sum up all the percentages it isn't 100%. It's really frustrating.

I have set the Series.Marks.Style to "Percent Total" and the total is actually bigger then it should be. After I calculated a bit to see why the sum differs from the real sum of values, I realised the 1st value is added twice. This is why the percentages are wrong.

Why does it do that?
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xtremecrisAuthor Commented:
I am surprised that nobody bothered to answer my question.

It seems that TeeChart has always had this problem which is really surprising since it is a very impresive tool.

Anyway, I have managed to work around the problem:
because it added the 1st value twice I have made the 1st row in the Dataset equal to 0. Now the total of all procentages is 100% how it should be. Off course it showed a slice of 0%(the 1st row) but I have solved this too: if you use "Group slices" with "Style" set to "Below %" and "Value" set to something like 5%, the pie will magicly apear like it should be.

I hope other will benefit from this solution since I have seen a lot of people complaining about this BUG in the TeeChart forum.

Since I have solved the problem by myself i will ask for my points back.
Question answered by asker or dialog valuable.
Closed, 100 points refunded.
ee_ai_construct (replacement part #xm34)
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