autoload or autorun from USB

Hello all you super smart programmers.

I have a Disco Drive/flash usb drive.  This drive has the ability to be autoload or autorun when inserted but of course that is if you purchase it from them with this code in place.. (not sure what that means) but they market their stuff as autlo load presentaitons, pdf's and flash so I assumed these came with something to make that happen.   Jerks

I have read through the other questions here and nothing really helps me so I thought I would do a new post

anyway I downloaded a program that creates autoload programs for you, and it sure is slick.  so on the drive I have all the files I need and an autoload.ini, autoload.exe and such.  When I double click the autoload.exe the word document I have chosen as the application opens fine.  but when I take the drive ouyt and put it back in nothing happens.

can anyone help me?
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In the root directory of the flash drive you have to have an autorun.inf file which is simply a text file containing something along these lines


You can specify an alternate icon, or a different program, but if your executing autoload.exe this should work fine. So just paste that into notepad and save it as autorun.inf on your flash drive and it will autoplay automatically. Let me know how it goes

billfryAuthor Commented:

I do have this on the root drive of the usb and nothing happens.  will paste my code up here tomorrow when I get intot he office.  Thanks for answering, maybe we can get this figured out..

Okay, i'll have a look at what you've got but a couple of things you can check. Make sure the file is called autorun.inf (INF) and doesn't have any hidden extensions. Then, you can test that windows is recognising the file by right clicking on your usb drive when in my computer and seeing if the AutoPlay option is in the context menu there. If it is, then it might be a matter of setting windows to autoplay from that particular drive. Keep me posted.

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billfryAuthor Commented:

okay here is what is at the root of the drive..  

the word document I am opening

autorun.inf contains the following

when I right click the drive autoplay is not an option.  the issue is going to be that I am sending a 100 of these to clients and they will need to be able to just plug and play..  


I've just done some reading and it seems like this is more of a hardware issue, as removable devices do not appeat to be able to use autorun
Q: What must I do to trigger Autorun on my USB storage device?
The Autorun capabilities are restricted to CD-ROM drives and fixed disk drives. If you need to make a USB storage device perform Autorun, the device must not be marked as a removable media device and the device must contain an Autorun.inf file and a startup application.

The removable media device setting is a flag contained within the SCSI Inquiry Data response to the SCSI Inquiry command. Bit 7 of byte 1 (indexed from 0) is the Removable Media Bit (RMB). A RMB set to zero indicates that the device is not a removable media device. A RMB of one indicates that the device is a removable media device. Drivers obtain this information by using the StorageDeviceProperty request.

After doing some testing, i've found that although the icon from the autorun.inf appears, no matter what i do, it won't process the "open=" part of the inf.
The only thing i can think of is somehow changing the removable media bit, although i have no idea if this is possible? Anyone?

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billfryAuthor Commented:
it turns out this isn't possible on this type of drive, you have to order them with this feature and provide the presentation.  
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