My Computer Keeps Randomly Restarting

My computer keeps restarting randomly. My System Specs are:
AMD 3200+ Athlon XP CPU
480w thermaltake power supply,
512mb Hynex Ram DDR333MHZ pc2700 ram
Gigagbyte 7VT600-1394 motherboard
120gb Maxtor hard drive
PNY 5700 LE 128 MB Graphics Card
CD rewriter
DVD player
Zip Drive
Floppy Drive

I have replaced the power supply and ram as i thought these were possibillies. I have also sent the CPU off to AMD for testing and it came back OK. i have also tried a clean install of windows XP by using kill disk to wipe all data of drive and then reinstalled operating system.
I have looked in event viewer and i sem to get this error when it randomly restarts:

Event ID: 4354 CAtagory: 52

"The COM+ Event System failed to fire the ConnectionMade method on subscription {B0A74EB9-99DD-4735-92F0-DFAD7A61A9D8}-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}.  The subscriber returned HRESULT 80004001.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at"

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Sounds strange but here is your answer!;en-us;319590

Good Luck to you!
I had similar symptoms with an HP Pavilion a510n (Asus A7V8-L motherboard, Athlon XP 3000+) with Windows XP Home updated to Service Pack 2. I was also having random reboots. When I sent in the Windows errors to Microsoft, their automatic diagnostics usually came back saying it was a driver error. But I was suspicious of all the autostart junk that HP had preloaded on the machine. I downloaded a utility that would allow me to identify and turn off the memory resident autostarted process. I basically, turned off most of the HP processes (which included BackWeb).

It sounds like your machine is homebuilt so I would be surprised if you had similar "junk" startup processes but the symptoms sound so similar I thought I would make the suggestion.

If you think it is at all plausible, then download a startup monitor such as AutoRuns:

The better startup monitor app's will tell you the "owner" of the startup process (e.g. Microsoft, HP, McAfee, etc.)  and some sort of text name. I think I started out with no less than 11 process that had been installed by HP alone. I disabled most of the HP startup processes and some that seemed to be related to some game called WildTangent. In any case, you don't want to blindly disable them all. I took each suspect process and did a google (both web and groups) to see if anyone had been having known problems with them. In any case I disabled about 10-15 startup processes and my random restarts seem to have gone away.

One thing I am sure was causing me problems... The machine had come with a trial version of Norton Antivirus but I switched over to McAfee (I get it free from my ISP). I uninstalled Norton Antivirus but the uninstall left the Symantec LiveUpdate as a startup process. I think killing that may have been the magic bullet.

Bottom line, these startup processes can cause the symptoms you are seeing.

Good Luck!

An easy way to test whether this is being caused by a misbehaving service is to disable all non-microsoft services. This is easy to achieve. Go to Start -> Run  and type in "msconfig" (without the quotes) and click "ok". This will bring up the Microsoft System Configuration Utility. Click on "Services". You'll have a choice at the bottom that says "Hide all Microsoft Services". Choosing this will ensure that you don't disable some critical system services. Whatever remains after you've hidden Microsoft Services are third party. You can first choose "Disable all" and see if your problem still reoccurs. If it does, my guess would be a wrong HAL that is getting loaded. It could also be a hardware incompatibility. Check if all your drivers are signed drivers and remove the devices that are using unsigned drivers. Also, remove all peripherals such as USB devices, printers, scanners, etc.

If it stops the random reboots, then enable the non-microsoft services one by one and then determine which one is causing the problem and try to update it to the latest version available.

Hope this helps you in determining what's going wrong and in taking the appropriate action.
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Check your motherboard for any bloated capacitors.
Also check your Video card, Replace it with a known good one.
Is the power supply strong enough for everything you have on it?
It’s seems like a hardware problem.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I believe the information that mrwebdev provided matches your errors messages.  Has this helped, or is more needed?  

This may help isolate the problem; I know I had some issues initially when upgrading with my Zip drive and the Iomega SW and drivers; as well as old Roxio and Adaptec CD Writing software.  Can you boot in SAFE MODE?

How to perform advanced clean-boot troubleshooting in Windows XP;en-us;319590

As soon as you can get things installed, be sure to get to WindowsUpdate.  Did you check for compatibility first with the upgrade advisor?
Description of the Windows XP Upgrade Advisor;en-us;307726
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
IF your AMD 3200+ Athlon XP CPU is the AMD PowerNow! Technology this is added Support for Windows XP;en-us;318891
CDonBayAuthor Commented:
I have tried the first response to my question and updated windows msn messenger.
I have also tried the stoppping the non-microsoft auto run programs and it still keeps on randomly restarting or hanging.
Just currious if you tried this portion of the resolution?

To work around this issue, use the following steps:
1.     Disable Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger from automatically starting when you start Windows. To do this, use the following steps:
a.      On the Tools menu in Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger, click Options.
b.      On the Preferences tab, clear the Run this program when Windows starts check box, clear the Allow this program to run in the background check box, and then click OK.
c.      On the Tools menu in Outlook Express, click Options.
d.      On the General tab, clear the Automatically log on to Windows Messenger check box, and then click OK.
2.     Disable the Contacts pane in Outlook Express. To do this, on the View menu, click Layout, clear the Contacts check box, and then click OK.
Hey CDonBAy
If you have service pack 2 then do the following,
Give a right click on My Computer and click Properties.
Now click on Advance Tab and click settings under "Performance"
then click on Data execution tab and disable it.
Then again go back to advance tab on system properties.
and click on settings tab under Startup and Recovery.
and remove the check next to Automatic Restart under System failure.
click Apply and then Ok.

This would take care of it.

All the Best !!
And if it doesn't, make sure before you ever load XP you have the blaster patch installed before connecting to the internet, then look for the variants of blaster, and download them, then, make a restore point, and download critcal and updated drivers for your hardware, then load xp sp1 and 2, at anytime you get any type of BSoD, simply give us this information, if we can't find a solution from that BSoD, we will need your dump file and debugging information. If nothing, works, simply remove sp2, this pack is buggy on some machines and this pack normally when installed is giving people restart problems, and MS is telling them it's your fault or the hardware of softwares fault, this is not true, it's the packs fault no being able to work with your hardware at this time. Windows is the biggest beta test in histroy.

Is this a legit copy of XP BTW?

Do what engineer_dell said, then it will BSoD, give us this information please.

Good Luck
CDonBayAuthor Commented:
I have tried disabling the MSN messenger and the part of outlook express and i do not have any of the service packs installed as i have done a clean install of the hard drive.
I have been told that random restarts could be down to the motherboard?
Yes there is a very thin possibility of hardware causing this issue..but you can try re-seating the processor heat sink and CMOS battery. Becuase these two things can cause the automatic restart.
CDonBayAuthor Commented:
Would you please be able to advise me on what motherboard is best for my AMD Athlon 3200+ processor and price?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I've been using ASUS Motherboards for years and love them; but this review may be of interest to you.
I had a keyboard that had a shutdown / sleep button feature, it was responsible for randomly restarting my PC, changed the keyboard and it stopped. Long shot, I just remembered it, although it didn't give any errors like yours, i just thought I would let you know!


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If your PC restarts with blue screen, a system event log with record 1001 is written. System Event  4354 does not crash your Windows. 80% of the blue screen is caused by software and 20% are related to hardware.  

If your PC restarts without blue screen, no system event log 1001 is generated and usually it is hardware error. The hardware error can be faulty ram. power supply unit and CPU is overheat due to bad vantilation. If the CPU overheat problem, your PC will reboot within several minutes after restart.

Do you see the  blue screen when your PC restarts? It is very essential to resolve your problen

Hope it can help you
CDonBayAuthor Commented:
MRwebdev what type of keyboard did you have?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Good point; had a strange "internet kb" that raised havoc.....
Do you find record 1001 at the system event log? If yes, what is the bugcheck code the content?
It was 2 keyboards ago, I am not sure but you might
want to try it, switch it out and see. Wont hurt to try.

Good Luck

Have you tried disabling the Non-Microsoft Services? This sounds more like some software compatibility problem than anything else to me. You do sound quite experienced with hardware, so just try out the following articles:



Both of them talk about AMD's PowerNow! functionality which has to be enabled for Windows XP. It could also be due to some kind of hardware conflict which is causing the system to restart over and over again.

Would you be able to test this on a different motherboard and processor, preferably something with an Intel processor? You will have the best hardware compatibility and hence, even if it does not solve your problem, you will be able to narrow down the problem to something that is other than the components on the Motherboard itself.

Perhaps you can try disabling both the onboard video as well as the onboard sound to see if there are any conflicts from there. You could also try disabling the onboard Ethernet Controller if you have one. You will need to have an add on Video Adapter (may be an AGP Video Card) before you try this option.

Hope this helps you further. All the best!

As i commented on another question sometimes this problem is caused by 5700 graphics controllers , most of the times with asus
motherboards... try to see if this helps. Also i use a 3200+ with asus a7v600 which is on the cheap side, but has proven to be
quite good if you don't mind loosing the dual ram speed....
Try doing a virus scan...and turning on your windows firewall
Have you done any overclocking?  Regardless of if you have or havn't, try booting into bios and setting it to all default values.

Check the slave settings etc on your hard drive/s and dvd cd cdrives, they could be booting but after boot get confused.

Remove any cd burning software for the moment and see if any changes happen.

Ahhh the Ol' Faulty Keyboard, glad it helped!

It had me for a loop too, I tried everything... Then I thought of
what changes I had made recently, and that was one of them!

Glad to see you're up and running!

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
":0)  Happy the mystery is solved.  Asta
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